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A Project-Oriented Socio-Academic Program for a Diverse Group of Students

I propose that the school implement a project-oriented socio-academic program for a diverse group of students. This program would be comparable to the Wellspring Program in the sense that its participants would live and engage in team-building activities together. Unlike Wellspring, though, this program would not be strictly community service driven. Its participants would, on an at least a weekly basis, attend a lecture/class were they would be exposed to and discuss topics regarding the dynamics of today's and tomorrow's social-economic systems. Moreover, the participants would undertake a self-designed group project. This project would be something that could be worked on with the assistance of an advisor (who could be a faculty member and/or older students, depending on the demographics of the participants) all throughout the academic year and could range anywhere from designing and executing an original social experiment to refining the college's use of technology in the classroom.

Contact person: Juan Fernandez

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.


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