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Replacing Core 1 with a Great Books Program

A Great Books Program, in the manner of the University of Chicago, would prime freshmen for the requirements and skills necessary to pursue a Liberal Arts education. In Heritage students are expected to read and discuss meaningful texts from the past already, making a Great Books Program seem redundant. However, too little emphasis is placed on reading the texts and arguing directly from them. A Great Books program would emphasize reading historic and meaningful texts and deriving arguments directly from the primary sources themselves, with the effect of focusing arguments only to relevant information. Emphasis on discussing only what is in the text creates a skill necessary for specialized reading and arguing in the manner required for law school. Writings should, of course, be required but with the added restriction of primary sources only. Such focus will instill reading and communicating habits in freshmen that will give them better tools for their remaining years of education. In addition, a Great Books Program would have the added effect of drawing students that will be supportive of a Liberal Arts education to Millsaps. Millsaps would be one of only a handful of schools that has a Great Books Program which would add uniqueness and prestige to this institution. If any college is able to have a thriving Great Books program, then Millsaps is the one.

Contact person:  Joel Mabry

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