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Develop and Implement a Four Year Rotating Plan for Regional Cultural Emphasis

While Millsaps is improving its emphasis on study abroad opportunities, much could be done to bring additional cultural experiences to the entire campus. A four-year rotating cultural emphasis would do much to encourage interest in study abroad and expose the entire academic community to various cultures. The themes could be Asia, Europe, Africa and the mid-East, and Latin and South America. Each year's theme would be celebrated and studied throughout the entire academic year using regional speakers and experts, music, food, cultural events, and film festivals. Millsaps students and faculty who are from the region or have studied in the region can provide further support.

A student who is at Millsaps for four years is thus exposed in a more deliberate fashion to the major cultural regions of the world, thus providing a better understanding of the world and a broader liberal arts education.

Contact person: Robert Leggett

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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