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Revised Core 1 Program

I suggest altering the Core 1 program to a 3 credit hour class with a required writing lab worth 1 credit hour.

Along with this change, I further suggest that the 3 credit hours of Core 1 class time be devoted to Heritage (for those students taking it) allowing for additional discussion and deeper analysis. Heritage students' Core 1 papers could consist of further analysis of topics covered in the Heritage program and/or another large project earlier in the semester in addition to the other papers written for Heritage already. There would be ample time to complete the papers because students already do so in their regular Core 1 programming. The difference is that Heritage would cover Core courses 1 through 5 instead of 2 through 5.

The ultimate goal for this alteration is to enrich and further intensify the Heritage experience because the present final product of the course is a well-rounded student with a global perspective. Promoting such liberal arts goals by implementing such a change will encourage an even more well-rounded student body with greater world perspective.

Contact person: Michael Bell

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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