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QEP Steering Committee

Quality Enhancement Plan


The purpose of the QEP Steering Committee is not to create the QEP. We are here to guide the process, assist with developing proposals, to make the final selection, and to work on implementation of the chosen QEP.  Our members are:

  • Blakely Fender (Professor of Economics)

  • Brit Katz (Dean of Students)

  • David Davis (Dean of Faculty)

  • Holly Sypniewski (Associate Professor of Classics)

  • Jami Pittman (Student Leader)

  • Katherine Landrum (Director of Institutional Research)

  • Kendall Gregory (Student Leader)

  • Molly McManus (Librarian)

  • Monica Harrigill (Alum and Trustee)

  • Patrick Hopkins (Professor of Philosophy, Chair of QEP Committee)

  • Ricky James (Alum and Methodist Minister)

  • Scott McNamee (President of Staff Council)

  • Stephen Passman (President of Student Body)

  • Tracy Sullivan (Instructor of Mathematics)