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QEP Workload Information

A Note on Workload Issues


Please note, we are aware that members of the campus community are concerned that possible additional work might be added to their load if they submit a proposal. Please don't let this concern prevent you from submitting a proposal. We assure you that just because you submit a proposal, you are not responsible for fully fleshing out the idea or for coordinating or implementing the program. This is how it works:

  • Level 1 proposals are very simple and do not require any research.
  • Level 2 proposals are fairly simple and do not require any research.
  • From Level 2 proposals, the QEP Steering Committee will invite the most promising to be worked up as Level 3 proposals, which will include a moderate literature review and a preliminary budget.
  • To help with that, each group that is invited to submit a Level 3 proposal will receive $1500, to be used primarily to pay a research assistant to do basic research and a short write-up on a literature review, best practices review, and comparative summary of other programs that exist that are similar to the proposed one (if there are such things).
  • From Level 3 proposals, the official QEP will be chosen.
  • When the official QEP is chosen, various appropriate subcommittees composed of people from all college constituencies will be set up to prepare the QEP proposal for SACS submission, including subcommittees on learning outcomes, budget and resources, literature review, assessment, publicity, implementation, institutional needs assessment, and appropriateness for Millsaps culture.
  • While those people who worked on submitting the QEP proposals may be asked to serve on a subcommittee, they will not be responsible for any large portion of the work themselves. This will be a widely shared college community effort.