Major Success Program

Career Readiness for Students with Limited Work Experience

Addressing the skills gap and supporting career readiness, the Else School of Management at Millsaps College offers a 4-step program designed to engage our MBA students with limited work experience in meeting workplace demands that will challenge them throughout their careers.

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1. Discernment

  • Attend an interpretation session for StrengthsFInders
  • Complete a pre-assessment of three competencies
  • Attend a career counseling session
  • Attend a workshop for each competency
  • If indicated, work with a competency mentor
  • If indicated, receive monitoring in class
  • Determine career focus based on profile

2. Exploration

  • Interview professional contacts that share career focus
  • Shadow or intern in chosen field
  • Conduct research
  • Read relevant articles and books
  • Engage in online communities that share career focus

3. Application

  • Prepare with an intensive of 5 rotating sessions: LinkedIn, MBA Resume, Interview Skills, Job Strategy with Contacts, and Networking
  • Meet with Career Specialist for approval of application materials
  • Apply and report each application
  • Seek further guidance as needed during the application process

4. Transition

  • Attend 4 mini-sessions on topics such as “Adding Value in the Workplace,” “Managing Your Career,” or “Personal Finance”
  • Achieve 1 credential
  • Complete 1 debriefing session
  • Provide 1 video testimonial

Student Calendar

Strength FInder Seminar
Assessment of Competencies

3 Competency Workshops
Individual Career Counseling Sessions

Exploration (Support Provided)

Fall Intensive with Networking Event
Consultations with Career Specialist

Employment Applications (Support Provided)

1 Transition Meeting per Month

Assessment of Competencies
Award of Credential