Master of Accountancy


MAcc at Millsaps CollegeThe Master of Accountancy curriculum is designed to provide students with greater depth and breadth in accounting education than the Bachelor of Accounting or Master of Business Administration degrees. Students with undergraduate degrees in accounting and students with degrees in fields other than accounting may pursue the M.Acc. degree, although students with little or no academic background in accounting or business are required to take additional undergraduate or foundation courses to qualify for the 600-level courses.



The M.Acc. program includes 15 hours of accounting prerequisites.* These prerequisites prepare the student for advanced study of accounting. Completion or waiver of a prerequisite is required for advanced study. Professional designations may also be accepted to waive the corresponding prerequisite courses. The following prerequisite accounting courses are required for the M.Acc.:

Course Number Course Name Hours
ACCT 581 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT 582 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3
ACCT 583 Auditing I 3
ACCT 584 Federal Taxation of Income 3
ACCT 585 Advanced Financial Accounting 3

*Additional course work may be required for the student to sit for the CPA exam. Prospective students who intend to sit for the CPA exam are encouraged to visit the State Board's website at for more information.


Required Coursework

M.Acc. students are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours in advanced course work to include the required courses. The required courses are:

Course Number Course Hours
ACCT 642 Advanced Taxation 3
ACCT 673 Advanced Auditing Topics 3
ACCT 681 Advanced Managerial Accounting 3
ACCT 675 Advanced Financial Reporting Theory and Problems 3


For complete course descriptions, see our graduate catalog.



Course Number Course Hours
ACCT 641 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT 676 Governmental/Non-Profit Accounting 3
ACCT 651 Accounting Residency 3
ACCT 677 Tax Planning Research 3
ACCT 678 Seminar in Valuation 3
ACCT 679 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACCT 696 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation 3
FIN 662 Financial Management 3
FIN 666 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 3