Asbury Cemetery

Asbury Church was among the earliest in the state, dating back to the turn of the 19th century and associated with the work of Tobias Gibson, first missionary to the region. Located approximately 10 miles southeast of Vicksburg, the church is now gone, but its cemetery still holds a special place in the history of Methodism in the state. The cemetery is the resting place of many of the founders of the Asbury Church, including Rev. Randal Gibson (1766-1866) and Harriet McKinley Gibson, his wife (1771-1837) who were the first to join the Methodist Church in Mississippi. Difficult to locate, the cemetery is 8.2 miles south of I 20 on (and near the end of) Hall's Ferry Road.  (At about 2.2 miles Hall's Ferry goes abruptly left. Go left.) The cemetery is behind several residences on the left. A small sign points to the gravel drive which leads behind the houses to the cemetery.

Gordon Cotton, Curator of the Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg has written an excellent book on Asbury Church and the restoration of the cemetery: Asbury: A History. Vicksburg: privately printed.  1994.  Cotton also penned a sister volume on Hopewell Cemetery, in the Warrenton area south of Vicksburg: Hopewell Cemetery and the Old Town of Warrenton. Vicksburg: privately printed. 1999.  Both titles are available at J. B. Cain Archives.