Series M is comprised of private papers of ministers or members of the Church, which can range in size from one item to large collections such as the Winans Papers (M 01), the Galloway Papers (M 14) or the Cain Papers (M 26). The manuscripts have been listed, indexed, partially processed and inventoried. Individual inventories are available when noted.

Box: Individual, Description

M 01: WINANS (William), Papers 1810-1857 (see inventory) 20 boxes

M 02: SELLERS (Samuel), Diary, 1814-1815 (Ms, Copy); Sermon notes

M 03: BRUSH (Jacob), Diploma for office of Elder signed Francis Asbury, Dover, Delaware, Oct. 18, 1789 1 Item

M 04: LANGFORD (Lorenzo Dow), 1805-1892 Autobiography and notes, 1883-1889

M 05: WATKINS (W.H.), Record of Marriages (New Orleans, West Feliciana, Concordia, Cathula), 1843-1857; "The Journal & Correspondence of W. Winans", n.d.

M 06: JOHNSTON (E.W.P.), Book of Sermons, 1847-1867

M 07: LAMBUTH (John R.), Note book, 1823

M 08: WIER (T.C.), Letter from Samuel P. Jones; letter from E. B. Ramsey including letter from Samuel P. Jones, 1885

M 09: DRAKE (Benjamin M.), Papers, 1812-1857 (see inventory) 4 Boxes

M 10: JONES (J.G.), Papers, 1830-1888, n.d. (see inventory) 3 Boxes

M 11: HARRIS (Henry J.), Autobiography, 1882

M 12: CHRISMAN (Clara), Bible, Hymn book, pictures, piano book, artifacts

M 13: BLACKWELL (Walter L.), c. 1892, letters, photos, artifacts 2 Boxes

M 14: GALLOWAY (Charles B.), Papers, 1866-(1965) (see inventory) 11 Boxes

M 15: LAMBUTH-KELLY, Papers (see inventory) 4 Boxes

M 16: DRAKE (Nelly), Papers, 1907-1950 (see inventory) 2 Boxes

M 17: BORDERS (Isaac D.), Correspondence, 1906-1914 1 Box

M 18: BOYLES (Andrew J.), Diaries and Pastor books, 1921-1973 2 Boxes

M 19: LEWIS (W.H. & W.B.), Papers (see inventory) 6 Boxes

M 20: HAWKINS (H.G.), "Methodism in Natchez", 1937, Typescript 1 Box

M 21: LINDSEY (J.A.), Papers (see inventory), includes Methodism in the Mississippi Conference, 1895-1919, 1964, (Typescript) 6 Boxes

M 22: HARKEY (Swepson F.), "Sermons on the Mind of Christ Jesus…",1937, (Typescript); "History - Records, Mississippi Annual Conference, 1870-1939, Methodist Protestant Church", 1947, (2 Typescripts); Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church 1 Box

M 23: The COOPER MINISTERIAL EFFICIENCY FUND, 1941-1971, (see inventory) 2 Boxes

M 24: JONES (Geo. H.), Papers, 1931-1974 7 Boxes: 1. Correspondence, 1962-1974 2-4. Notes, manuscripts, research material, scrapbook (Newton) 5. Scrapbooks by H.G. Hawkins, 1931-1935 6. Clippings 7. Printed material & pictures

M 25: SELLS (I.H.), Papers (see inventory) 1 Box

M 26: CAIN (J.B.), Papers (see inventory) 32 Boxes

M 27: ANDING (R.E.), Papers (see inventory) 1 Box

M 28: JONES (John A.B.), Record of Sermons, 1852-1866 1 Item

M 29: JONES (B.F.), Letters from J.G. Jones, 1836-1839 3 Items

M 30: BLACKMAN (Learner), Journal, 1806-1809, 1812-1813 (manuscript), 1800-1813 (copy).

M 31: LEFTWICH (E.P.), History of Gunnison Church (former Concordia), Bolivar Co. (Typescript), with pictures and listings from Church registers.

M 32: CLARK (C.C.), Papers, 1965-1975

M 33: HAWKINS FOUNDATION, Account books (1937-1952, 1954- 1979), W.B. Jones, Treasurer 2 Items

M 34: TABB (William Marion), Certificate of ordination, Nov. 19, 1933 1 Item

M 35: AUGUSTUS (N.G.), Letter to, relating to death of Mrs. S.B. Bigham, 27 Sept. 1900 1 Item

M 36: MISSISSIPPI CONFERENCE, Minutes, 1817, Natchez 1 Item

M 37: LEWIS (Archibald), letter from uncle Seth Lewis, May 27, 1920 1 Item

M 38: DAVIS (Dr. A.W.), Autobiographical sketch, Natchez (1807-1871) 1 Item

M 39: ESSAY ON BIBLE, unidentified, no date 1 Item

M 40: MC DONALD (G.P.), Church letter from Baptist Church of Farehope, March 24, 1834 1 Item

M 41: STEELE (E.), Letter from May B. McGehee, no date 1 Item

M 42: DORMAN (J.W.), Sermons, 1891-1918, (see inventory) 9 Items

M 43: HARDIN (Paul D.), Pastor's Books; Ritual; Epworth League Photo; Jackson Minister's Wives, Minutes, 1945-1946.

M 44: CHAMBERS (John Clanton), Sermons, Prayers, Letter, Collected Poems 2 Folders

M 45: BIFFLE, (J.A.), Papers, Day Books, some membership and other records for Water Valley Circuit 1 Box

M 46: BRANCH (E. Ray), Born of Conviction: Racial Conflict and Change in Mississippi Methodism, 1945-1983, a dissertation submitted to the faculty of
Mississippi State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of History, December, 1984 1 Item

M 47: LOWRY (Thomas Jefferson), MEMORANDA 1840-1891 12 Items (see inventory). 12 Day Books, transcribed. Compiled and indexed by Imogene Springer of Calhoun City, Mississippi, 1990

M 48: GRANT (Miss Melissa), Five scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, 5 Items programs and other information on the North Mississippi Conference

M 49: THORNTON (Thomas), Ordination papers extracted from the Registry of the Diocese of London at Doctor's Commons - 1754 (See MCAH Box 14 - oversize); The History of St. George's Church, by Carrol H. Quenzel and an article on the same from Old Churches Ministers and Families of Virginia, by Bishop William Meade; map of Fall Hill in Fredricksburg, Virginia; Fredricksburg, Virginia brochure for tourists; Information on descendants; Article on Thornton, Mississippi and plaque with directions to Thornton, Mississippi

M 50: BACHMAN (George Washington), "Sketches and Incidents of Life, 1839-1913." Personal history of a North Mississippi Methodist preacher, handwritten in three volumes, photocopy

M 51: HARMON (Nolen B.), Correspondence with J.B. Cain, 1967-1982 44 Items with Loyce Cain McKenzie, 1984, 1986 2 Items

M 52: MURRAY (William Wesley), Preacher's date books, most years from 1901-1937: personal notes, church memberships, marriages, baptisms, etc. (see inventory) 33 Items

M 53: SELLS (James L.), Day books, Pastor's books (see inventory) 16 Items

M 54: CARLEY (C.T.), Papers, 1968-1977, North Mississippi Conference on Christian Social Concerns, Commission on Religion and Race, Board of Laity, Methodists for Merger, Council on Ministry, Lay Leader - Starkville District 1 Box

M 55: RANDLE (C.L.), Papers, copies of historical sketches, with photos, of the North Mississippi Methodist churches he served between June 1, 1953 and June 1, 1983; churches are indexed in the Cain Archives card file 3 Folders

M 56: PHILLIPS (Winnie), Papers collected while writing Methodist Women: A History, (see inventory) 5 Boxes

M 57: DECELL (Bishop J. Lloyd), Biographical information on life, 3 Boxes (1887-1946), books, papers, correspondence, sermons, while serving as pastor, District Superintendent, Bishop, Editor of New Orleans Christian Advocate, Commission on Unification of Methodist Church, (see inventory) 2 Boxes

M 58: LEWIS (Barney Washington), Manuscript Sermons (1889-1931) 2 Folders

M 59: JOHNSON (Katharine), Photograph album of missionary work at Hiroshima Girls School, Hiroshima, Japan, (1924-1941); obituary; Photos of Nannie Gaines, W.R. Lambuth 1 Box

M 60: HUMPHREY (John D.), Member of Merger Committee, North Miss. Conference with Upper Miss. Conference; papers, correspondence, and articles related to merger; August 1971-November 1972. 3 Folders

M 61: FRANKLIN (Bishop Marvin A.), Miss. and North Miss. Conference Papers (1948-1964); (see inventory) 7 Boxes

M 62: LOCKE (Rev. John Roots), Two theological dictionaries, family history 1834, 1837; North Mississippi minister, 1842-1883 (see inventory) 1 box

M 63: BISHOP'S OFFICE PAPERS, (1948-1993) (see inventory) 4 Boxes

M 64: WATKINS (Rev. William Hamilton), Mississippi Conference minister, 1835-1881; silver chalice and biography Life and Labors of Wm. H. Watkins by T.L. Mellen

M 65: CLAY (Rev. Henry C., Jr.), Miss. Conference minister, Coursework Notebook "Introduction to New Testament" 1954, Jackson District "District Officiary" 1970-71, 1972-73 - H.C Clay, Jr., District Sup. 2 Folders

M 66: CARLEY (Lyman), Elders ordination certificate Miss. Conference, 1872, signed by Bishop H.H. Kavanaugh 1 Folder

M 67: ARMISTEAD (George), Lambuth family descendant (d. 1997) Papers, artifacts, and ephemera concerning Lambuth missionary family and Kwansei Gakuin in Kobe, Japan (see inventory) 2 Boxes

M 68: JENKINS (William L.) Papers, Materials gathered from local churches for Mississippi United Methodists: Two Hundred Years of Heritage and Hope published for Miss. Methodist Bicentennial; church histories, clippings, photos A-Z binders 2 boxes

M 69: MORRIS (George Washington) Papers, (1798-1853), 1853 obituary, photo, family history, songbooks (see inventory)

M 70: TODD-DANIELS (Marilyn), Art Print "The Call" one of a series of paintings "Five Smooth Stones - Pictured Words" Methodist circuit rider Francis Asbury and Mississippi scenes depicted

M 71: DELMAS (Mrs. Frances), Conference Youth Director, 1954-56, Scrapbook 1 Item

M 72: BROWN (Rev. Thomas Walthall), 3 letters, 1851-52, Woodville Methodist Church, transcriptions 3 items

M 73: PRICE (James Earl), Papers, typescript recollections of civil rights era in Mississippi Methodism, church and cemetery history news- clippings from Warren County area, collected items, 1999- (see inventory)

M 74: WEAVER (Hartwell), Transcription of journal and poem written by pioneer minister who accompanied Learner Blackman on circuits in Miss., Tenn., and Ky. 1810-1822 1 item

M 75: RATLIFF (Cora Rodman), (1891-1958) biography of Methodist Women leader, activist, former president of North Miss. Conf. WSCS, mother-in-law of Bishop Ellis Finger, written by Mamie Ratliff Finger 1 item

M 76: JONES (J. Melvin), 3 Folders Papers: (1934-1959) Advocates, missionary to China correspondence, scrapbook about Bishop Decell

M 77: HAYES (Mrs. Juliana), 1 Item Papers: (1813-1895), biography written by Mrs. F.A Butler in memory of first President of Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, MEC, S. Appointed President in 1878

M 78: WELLS (Rev. Cathy), 3 Boxes Photos: (1979-1989), from position of Conference Council on Youth Ministries (see inventory)

M 79: WALTERS (Summer), 6 Boxes Papers: (1961-63) correspondence, news clippings, Signer of Born of Conviction Statement published in Advocate, transferred to Indiana Conference (see inventory)

M 80: POWELL (Barry) and MILLER (Dean), 1 Folder Papers: correspondence concerning Methodist Children's Home admission policy, 1972

M 81: MORROW (Johnny H., Jr.), 16 Items Papers: History of Methodist Childrens' Home 1896-1996, 80 pages, typescript. 15 photographs c. 1900-1920. Rev. Morrow was Executive Director of MCH 1959-1988, following his father 1945-1952.

M 82: WHITE (Harold B. and Carolyn O.), 1 Box Photos: Album of photographs and text "Visit to Israel-Palestine" March 1994, with Bishop and Mrs. Jack Meadors, many young ministers of the Miss. Conference

M 83: MARCHETTI, (Frank and Martha Ann), 2 Boxes Papers: (1903-1978) Methodist Sunday School literature, Bible study teaching guides, print material on missions, evangelism, opposition to plan of unification, Hazlehurst UMC (see inventory)

M 84: SELAH, (William Bryan), 1 Box Papers: (1940-1985) Sermons, sermon notes correspondence, materials related to Galloway Memorial Methodist and race related issues, book of support letters following resignation from Galloway over church's segregation stance, audio and video recordings of sermons (see inventory)

M 85: PENDERGRASS (Edward Julian), l4 Boxes Papers: (1929-2000) personal papers including correspondence from years as Bishop of Miss. Conference, 1964-1972; materials from churches in Florida, photographs, news clippings, books, audio tapes of interviews conducted by Dr. John Burnett, Pendergrass' biographer (see inventory)

M 86: HAWKINS (Henry Gabriel), 4 Boxes Papers: (1887-1938) Pamphlets, journals, catalogues, Methodist publications; sermons, notes, clippings for preaching; business correspondence and records; Mississippi Methodist Historical Society correspondence and papers (see inventory)

M 87: WALKER (Joseph Burch), 1 Folder Journal: (1817-1887) Transcription of autobiographical journal "A Sketch of My Life 1817-1887:" served Miss. Conference 1846-1851 in Jackson and Madison County, and 1862-1865 at Port Gibson. Most of his ministry was spent in New Orleans. Includes obituary,

M 88: NEBLETT (Robert Alexander), 1 Item Diary: (1862) minister in North Miss., transcription in progress

M 89: KAVANAUGH COLLEGE, 1 Folder (1889-1890) Transcription of Dulcie Leggett's autograph book, includes sentiments of Featherstun family members. Photocopies of original Featherstun autograph pages. Rev. H.W. Featherstun was president of Kavanaugh College. Newsclipping, 2003, provenance and disposition of autograph book

M 90: LEWIS (Osmond Summers), 3 Boxes Papers: Sermons, photos, Mississippi Conference Journals 1905-1936, incomplete; Epworth League photos; preaching suit (see inventory)

M 91: THOMAS (William Nathaniel), 3 Folders (1892-1971) Rear Admiral and Chief of Chaplains U.S. Navy, Methodist minister, Millsaps College class of 1912; photocopies of papers, articles, photos, Navy oral history interview typescript (see inventory)

M 92: GRIFFIN (Thomas), 8 Folders Journal (copy): (1841-1850) Manuscript autobiography (lived 1787-1851), friend and contemporary of Rev. William Winans, came to Mississippi territory in 1812; typescript available CAIN BX8495.G75 D3 2004

M 93: JOHNSON (C.J.), 1 Box Papers: (2005) Choctaw County Methodist Churches Newspaper journalist's research papers, articles, photographs for Choctaw County Plain Dealer (see inventory)

M 94: JACKSON SUB-DISTRICT YOUTH ASSEMBLY SCRAPBOOK, 1 Box (1941-42), includes Capitol Street, Bessie Shands, Galloway, Millsaps Memorial, Glendale, Grace, and Ridgeland Methodist Churches. Also news clippings and print material from Millsaps College from the estate of Delores Craft, Class of
1943 (see inventory)

M 95: HINTON (Virginia Guerry) and GUERRY (Rev. Newton Dunn and wife Marie Judd), 1 Box Garments: (c.1850-1920) 3 christening gowns, 1 baby dress, baby shoes: used by 4 generations of North Miss. minister's family (see inventory)

M 96: WROTEN (James Dausey, Sr.) (1913-1963), Papers - Sermons, sermon notes 405 manuscript sermons, two cds of North Mississippi Conference Minister. Also two class papers, probably written at Millsaps College.

M 97: DAVENPORT (Arthur L.) (1880-1960), Papers - Sermons, sermon notes, 2 Boxes Newspaper clippings and minister training certificates. (see inventory)

M 98: THAYER, (Caroline M. Warren) (1805-2001), Papers - Photocopies of 1 Box articles, letters, published works of early Mississippi Methodist educator at Elizabeth Female Academy.

M 99: WASSON, (Newton C.) (1872), Record of French Camp Circuit 1 Item Quarterly Conference granting Wasson license to preach.

M 100: ASHMORE, (Sam E. and Anne Lewis) (1960-1966), Papers-Correspondence, 2 Boxes programs, materials related to Mississippi Methodist Advocate, Born of Conviction Statement 1963. (see inventory)

M 101: LEE, (Clay Foster, Jr.) Papers, Galloway Memorial United Methodist 1 Box Church Bulletins (Jan. 2, 1977-Aug. 14, 1988) Elected Bishop in 1988.

M 102: HORN, (Henry T.) Papers, Ordination Certificates, Deacon 1872, Elder 1879 North Mississippi Conference MEC, South, License to Exhort 1854, 1855, 1857, MEC South Charleston Circuit Memphis Conference Transcriptions

M 103: LAWRENCE, (Roy) Papers, 1964 Book of Worship with sermon notes, prayers

M 104: SMITH, (Gipsy, Jr.) Papers, 1949 Sermons on CD and booklet of biographical info

M 105: CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE (pub. Nashville), Dec. 13, 1873 one issue Vol XXXIII No. 49. 1 Item

M 106: BROOKS, (Rick) Papers, Script and music of 1999 “Roots by the River” musical presented at Mississippi Annual Conference to celebrate 200th anniversary of Tobias Gibson’s arrival in MS. See also VHS video of musical CAIN BX 8495 .G5 R6 1999. 1 folder

M 107: REIFF, (Joe) Papers, Born of Conviction research 2004-present, Reunion of Born of Conviction 1963 Statement signers in 2005, Recognition of Signers in 2013 at Annual Conference with the Emma Elzy Award, printed Powerpoint presentation with current photos of signers, Correspondence, research, interviews, articles published concerning forthcoming book about BOC Statement. 1 box

M 108: GRAHAM (John Harry) Papers, (1909-2004) from pastoral ministry in Mississippi (1941-1950), as Gulfside Association Trustee (1950-1960), Upper Mississippi Conference and Central Jurisdiction leadership Positions (1952-2004), collection of materials and photos related to Bishop Robert N. Brooks (1944 -1952), sermons, autobiographical essays, photographs, seminary and academic notes, Upper Miss. and Mississippi Conference, MEC, journals and programs (see inventory). 20 boxes

M 109: SLAY (James Dudley, Sr.) Papers, (1933-2000) Mississippi Conference ministry papers, daybooks, photos, artifacts, recorded sermons, genealogy of wife’s family (Watts), news clippings, academic papers (see inventory). 6 boxes

M 110: WELLS (James A.) Papers, (1907-1946, 2004) Mississippi Conference minister, namesake of Wells Memorial UMC in Jackson, student papers, teaching aids and sermon outlines, pastor diaries and daybooks (see inventory). 3 boxes

M 111: MISSISSIPPI METHODIST ADVOCATE, June 11, 1947 First issue off the press. 1 folder

M 112: ALFORD (Joseph Martin) Papers, Missionary maps, American Bible Society posters, World Evangelization posters, UMC First General Conference poster. 5 folders

M 113: FELDER’S/TOPISAW CAMPGROUND RECORDS, (1901-2012) Constitution Bylaws of John Felder Family Association and Topisaw Campmeeting prior to 1940, Minute Books 1901-1939, 1940-2012, Directory of Cabins 2009 (see inventory). 2 boxes

M 114: BENNETT ACADEMY (Wood Jr. College), 1928-29. Photographs from scrapbook of Eleanor Dillard Vance, high school student at Bennett Academy 1928-29. 1 folder

M 115: BENNETT ACADEMY (Wood Jr. College), 1922-1927. Papers, photographs, course catalog of Eva McKnight. Student at Bennett Academy 1922-1924. Wood College alumni material, 1962-63, 1975, 1994-96. 1 box