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The staffs of the J.B. Cain Archives and the Millsaps-Wilson Library are happy to assist genealogists in their quest for information regarding ancestors; however, we are unable to perform extensive searches for searchers. Rather, we are happy to make available our resources for those who are able to search records for themselves. It should be noted that genealogy is not a priority mission for the J. B. Cain Archives and the collection is not built for this purpose. Nevertheless, some holdings are particularly useful in genealogical searches: a careful study of collections and finding aids noted on this web site may be useful in determining whether this archive will be beneficial to one's work.

What we can do

Genealogists are welcome to use the collections in the Archives during regular hours, and the College Archivist will assist. Prior arrangements are strongly encouraged, due to schedule variations.

For a fee of $10 per name, the College Archivist will conduct a general search of basic resources in the collection and advise on the likelihood of further information, providing photocopies when appropriate and possible. Requests of this nature may be by U.S. Mail, using a Genealogy Request Form (below).

Primary resources may be used under the supervision of the College Archivist during regular hours.

What we can not do

We are unable to perform extended genealogical searches.

We are unable to extend primary resource services beyond regular hours, but the use of secondary materials may be arranged after meeting with the College Archivist.

What we have and do not have

The J. B. Cain Archives holds many records of the United Methodist Church in Mississippi, including general material and in some cases information about specific churches; however, in the Methodist Church active churches hold their own records. Records of discontinued churches are transferred to the Archives by the District Superintendent's Office.

The Archives does not normally have cemetery records.

To make a request please fill out and mail one of the following forms: