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Computers / Digital Media / Audiovisual


Each semester, starting in Fall 2013, students will receive $15.00 credit for 300 prints ($.05 each) with a 30% discount for double-sided printing. It will cost $.07 to print a double-sided sheet instead of $.10 to print 2 single-sided sheets. See the Print Management System Overview for more information.

The library has two networked printers for student use. The information commons and group study room computers will print to Library-01 which is on the main floor in the information commons. The library comptuer lab computers will print to Library-04, which is in the library's basement computer lab. If there is a problem printing to one of the library printers, you may use your print options to print to another.

There is no color printing on campus.



The Millsaps- Wilson Library, along with many other buildings and outdoor areas on campus have Wireless access to the Internet. Wireless Documentation is available for download or hard copies may be obtained from the Helpdesk located in the Academic Complex Room 105.

Please contact the helpdesk@millsaps.edu or 601-974-1144, 1155, if you need assistance.

Library Computer Lab (Basement)

28 Computers, 1 instructor computer with LCD Projector and VCR attached, 1 Laser Printer, 1 Scanner. Computers have access to campus resources, e-mail, and library resources. The Library Computer Lab is open all the hours the library is open, except when reserved for classes. To reserve the Library Computer Lab call 974-1070.   ITS also has Academic Computing Facilities on campus.

Information Commons

The Library has 16 computers in the Information Commons. They are set up for Internet, access to your M: drive, word processing, library research and printing.


The library has two scanners available. There is a scanner with touch screen available in the Information Commons near the main desk. Using this scanner you can easily scan and email documents and images. You can also scan to a flash drive. 

There is an Epson Photo scanner in the Digital Media Lab.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is a multimedia workspace reserved for projects involving video, photo, and music editing; image capturing; and analog-to-digital conversion. For more information, see the Digital Media Lab.

Digital Media and Audiovisual Equipment
The Millsaps-Wilson Library, with support from other groups on campus, provides audiovisual and digital media equipment for academic use. 

Audiovisual Materials
The Millsaps-Wilson Library owns and maintains an audiovisual collection that includes DVDs, Videocassettes, CDs, Audiobooks, and 33RPM Records.

Research Resources and Off-Campus Access

See the Search Tools section for our electronic and print research resources. If you need help ask a librarian.

If you are off-campus, conduct your research just as you would at the library. When you access a database or journal that is restricted to Millsaps users only, you will be asked for your username and password.

1. Choose a Journal or Research database.

  • You will find a list of all our Research Databases when you click the Research Databases tab at the top of the screen.
  • You will find a list of all of our online and print Journals when you click the Journals tab at the top of the screen.

2. Login

  • After selecting a database or journal, you will see the Millsaps Library login page.
  • Students, staff and faculty will now use their Millsaps username and password. This is the same one that is used for e-mail and to logon to the computers on campus. Alumni and other Millsaps Library cardholders will use their library card number and leave the password blank.

3. Begin your research

  • You should only be asked to login if you are off-campus.
  • The Millsaps Library login page is the only one you should see. If you are asked to enter another username and password, please report the problem immediately.

View or print detailed instructions for students, faculty, and staff

View or print detailed instructions for alumni and other cardholders

Please call 601-974-1073 if you have any problems or questions.