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125th Reflections: Paige Biglane

by Web on April 14, 2015

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”  John WesleyI am confident that I was meant to spend my undergraduate years at Millsaps in order to see this quote realized in my life. While I received an outstanding education, made life-long friends, and cultivated a sense of self and self-worth, the most valuable lesson I learned from my college years was the importance of doing good in this world.

Everywhere I go, I always make the statement that “Millsaps people are the best people.” In the midst of negative and shocking news stories emerging recently
from other universities and colleges, never before have I believed in that statement more than I do right now. I’m not saying we are perfect, but I do stand firm in the belief that Millsaps, in its 125th year, is better than ever and offers something very special to its students.

I wasn’t even close to being one of the “smart” ones in my class, but Millsaps inspired me to always work hard and to care about my work in a larger sense. Being able to learn, interact, and work with people like Catherine Freis, Cowboy, Don Fortenberry, Greg Miller, and a host of others, who all modeled and continue to model a life well-lived, instilled in me the importance of doing good and doing more. I even heard Jane Goodall speak my sophomore year at Millsaps – “good” is right there in her name. If I am lucky enough one day to have children, I hope that my main focus as a parent is raising children who desire to be respected for the quality of life they lead, as well as for their hard and diligent work. My over-achiever husband would probably disagree, but I don’t care if our children are the smartest or most athletic. I do care, however, about our children being good. I trust that Millsaps will continue to inspire regular students like me to do all the good they can…for as long as they can. Our world needs more Millsaps people – they are the best.