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2015 Rabbi Perry Nussbaum Lecture

by Web on April 14, 2015

Friday, April 24
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Gertrude C Ford Academic Complex, Room 215
Free and open to the public

The 2015 Rabbi Perry Nussbaum Lecture Series, which is dedicated to men and women who have stood against racial bigotry and religious prejudice, is entitled "The Courage of Their Convictions: Millsaps Students Resist the Status Quo,” honors Rabbi Nussbaum and others who have often been unrecognized for their contributions in standing for civil rights and social justice.

Throughout the College’s history, Millsaps students, with the support and encouragement of forward-thinking faculty, have opened their eyes, ears, and hearts to injustice in the world and the need for social change in their communities. A panel of Millsaps alumni and faculty will share their experiences in resisting the status quo and speaking out against the police violence on Jackson State University’s campus in 1967 and 1970 that left three black men dead and others wounded. What moved them to act? How do these historic events relate to current events? What can students and faculty learn from them?

Panelists: Tonny Algood, C’71; David Doggett, C’68; Jeanne Middleton-Hairston, C’71; Dr. T.W. Lewis, Professory Emeritus; Kay Sloan, C’71

The annual Rabbi Perry Nussbaum civil justice awards and lecture series honor Rabbi Nussbaum and other individuals, many of whom have gone unrecognized, for their selfless contributions to the civil rights movement in Mississippi and beyond. Beginning in 2014, the award and lecture series has been expanded to honor more contemporary work around civil and social justice issues. The Rabbi Perry Nussbaum Lecture Series has been graciously endowed at Millsaps College by John D. Bower, M.D.