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Special Friday Forum Commemorated 2015 Founders Day

by Web on April 14, 2015

Voices representing different points in the history of Millsaps College came together for a special Friday Forum on Friday, February 20 in celebration of our 125th anniversary. The program reflected on the College’s distinguished and influential past, and looked forward to its bright and exciting future. See the video of this discussion below.

Invited participants for this important panel included: Dr. Stephanie Rolph, assistant professor of history, who will provide context on the early years of Millsaps, from its founding in 1890 until the mid-20th century. Dr. T.W. Lewis, professor emeritus of religious studies, who focused on Millsaps from 1950-1975.

Dr. Jim McKeown, professor emeritus of biology, who focused on Millsaps from 1975-2000. Current student Daniel Kees, a senior majoring in political science, who shared his thoughts on the current state of Millsaps and what he hopes to see happening in the years to come.