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Student Profile: Lena Young-Mathis

by Web on November 16, 2015


A sense of community drew Lena Young-Mathis to Millsaps College.

That’s what the Millsaps junior from Cordova, Tenn., likes about her involvement as an athletic trainer, a resident assistant and vice president of the Programming and Activities Council.

Young-Mathis plans each week with a sense of purpose so she can fit in each activity, with football taking top priority in the fall.

“I have to be at at practice and work the games,” she said. “I tape athletes before and during practice, set them up for treatment, and make sure they are hydrated during practice and games.”

She keeps her cell phone by her side so she can always be available to the residents of the dorm where she is an RA.

“Being an RA is a full-time job that I have come to enjoy greatly,” she said. “I let residents in my dorm know my schedule ahead of time so they know when I will be in my room and they can stop by at their leisure.”

As vice president of the Programming and Leadership Council, she has assisted with planning and using social media to promote fun events on campus such as Open Mic Night.

A newfound love for involvement in projects to better the Jackson community has been transformative, she said.

“My freshman year I was involved in the Wellspring Program, which taught me a lot about community outreach and the importance of the Midtown neighborhood and the surrounding area to the College,” she said. “During my sophomore year, the Black Student Union assisted with a Humana playground project near the Jackson Medical Mall as well as a haunted house for the children in the area. These experiences have made me a much better person, and now I see firsthand that I can make a difference in my community.”

Young-Mathis visited Millsaps during an admissions event and left impressed because everyone she met made the College feel like home to her, she said. The size of the campus, the focus on academics and the student-teacher ratio made Millsaps a good fit, she said.

A psychology major, Young-Mathis plans on attending a clinical psychology doctoral program after graduation. “My dream is to do research and focus on schizophrenia origins and treatment,” she said.

Dr. Kathryn S. Hahn, associate professor of psychology, is among her favorite professors.

“She is my advisor and answers all of my questions and concerns even when I’m a year ahead planning for the next year’s classes,” she said. “Her dedication and commitment to her students is awe inspiring.”

Young-Mathis said she’s inspired by the connections Millsaps alumni maintain with the College and students in their fields of work and the opportunities for leadership. “Millsaps gives you so many opportunities to take advantage of to better yourself so that you can help others around you,” she said.