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Kristen Tordella-Williams Receives Mississippi Arts Commission Mini-Grant

by Web on July 20, 2016

Kristen Tordella-Williams of Jackson, MS has been awarded a $500 grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC). This grant is a portion of the $1.5 million in grants the Commission awarded in 2016-2017 and will be used to fund her fees at an iron-casting workshop run by the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum in Solsberry, Indiana. At the workshop, Kristen will cast a wreath composed of books and handprints collected from the patrons of the Eudora Welty Library (300 N State St, Jackson, MS). Once cast, Kristen will transport the iron sculpture back to Jackson and install the Eudora Welty Wreath permanently in the library.

“Artists of all kinds are the heart of the Mississippi Creative Economy,” said Malcolm White, Executive Director of MAC. “They significantly contribute to the economic growth of their communities and our state, and the Mississippi Arts Commission is honored to support their outstanding work.”

Kristen works across media exploring imagery and sculpture generated from the performative process both individually and collaboratively. She uses performance and sculpture to investigate issues of labor, identity, gender, and memory using an array of material commonly found at hardware stores, supermarkets and recycling bins. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been an artist in residence Salem Art Works, the Visitor Center, and Franconia Sculpture Park. She is an Assistant Professor of Art at Millsaps College, where she teaches drawing, digital arts, sculpture, performance art, and papermaking.

The Mississippi Arts Commission is a state agency serving residents of the state by providing grants that support programs to enhance communities; assist artists and arts organizations; promote the arts in education and celebrate Mississippi’s cultural heritage. Established in 1968, the Mississippi Arts Commission is funded by the Mississippi Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mississippi Endowment for the Arts at the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson and other private sources. The agency serves as an active supporter and promoter of arts in community life and in arts education.