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Mandarin Chinese Offered at Millsaps College in Fall 2016

by Web on August 18, 2016

Mandarin Chinese is among new academic course offerings for the fall 2016 semester at Millsaps College.

The Modern Language Department has worked with the ALLEX Foundation, which enables universities to begin or maintain a high quality Chinese or Japanese language program by providing them with professionally trained, native Chinese or Japanese speaking instructors.

“We’re very excited to begin to build a program in Chinese,” said Dr. David W. Wood, chair of the Millsaps College Department of Modern Languages and associate professor of Spanish.

I Ting Tsai will teach Mandarin 1000 during the fall semester and in the following semesters Mandarin 1010 and Mandarin 2000 while pursuing an M.B.A. in the Else School of Management.

Tsai received a B.A. in accounting in 2014 from National Cheng Chi University, a top-tier university in Taiwan. Since graduating she worked in the corporate finance division of a bank.  Her career goal is to work in investment banking in either the US or Taiwan.

She tutored English and math for the Taiwan Association of Women and Children, Wood said, and found that she enjoyed teaching. She applied to the ALLEX Foundation so she could teach Chinese while she earns an M.B.A. 

Wood said members of the Department of Modern Languages were impressed when representatives of the ALLEX Foundation visited campus last spring and also by the organization’s extensive record during the last 25 years with other partner institutions.  

The foundation trains language teachers at Washington University in St. Louis in a summer program prior to their teaching in the fall, he said. Washington University has a strong record in foreign language and literature teaching and research, he said.

“We hope that the presence of I Ting Tsai and her hard work will stimulate interest in Mandarin,” Wood said. “We also hope that offering Mandarin will increase interest and participation in Dr. Lynn Raley’s study abroad program to Taiwan that he offers each summer."