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Artist Michael Ray Charles Presents "Images and Thoughts of Otherness" for Millsaps College Howorth Lecture Series

by Web on March 28, 2016

Mississippi Museum of Art
April 6
Doors open at 5:30pm, lecture at 6pm


The paintings of acclaimed internationally known artist Michael Ray Charles scathingly address issues of identity that concern postmodern art and society. Charles's paintings ridicule the "romance" of the Old South and black subservience as underpinnings of western culture. By situating viewers in an historical continuum, Charles is able to emphasize the extreme nature of racist stereotypes, producing a sense of dissonance as viewers find themselves both repulsed and fascinated by the imagery. He is among the first group of artists showcased in the long-lasting PBS series ART 21, which highlighted top influential artists of the 21st century and acknowledged as one of the top young African-American scholars in academia by Black Issues In Higher Education. Charles is the Hugh Roy and Lille Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor of Painting at the University of Houston.

“Stereotypes have evolved,” Charles notes. “I’m trying to deal with present and past stereotypes in the context of today’s society.”

This program is free and open to the public.