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Connections Make Difference for Rising Junior

by Web on June 12, 2017

Jack Brady believes attending Millsaps College has helped him become a more well-rounded person.

“Being here exposes you to so many different things, that you can't help but find something new that interests you,” said Brady, a rising junior from Houston, Texas.

“My first semester here I took a political science class with Dr. (Iren) Omo-Bare on a whim and ended up loving it. It was a class of six people. I was the only freshman, but it was a great experience. That class provoked an interest in political science for me, and I took another political science class the next semester with Dr. (Nathan) Shrader that I also really enjoyed.”

Because of those two classes, Brady is considering a minor in political science and perhaps economics. He plans to major in business with a focus on finance or entrepreneurship.

Brady and some of his friends are in the process of establishing an entrepreneurial automotive club that would buy, repair and sell cars. “That’s the goal,” he said.

He shares an interest in cars with one of his favorite Millsaps professors, Dr. Jesse Beeler, professor of accounting.

“He taught my Ventures class during my freshman year and it was a very enjoyable class,” Brady said. “I learned a lot about how to be successful in both business and life. Dr. Beeler took our class to his house and showed us his car collection. That still stands as my favorite day of class so far.”

Professors at Millsaps make themselves available to students to discuss matters related to not just class but also to everyday life, Brady said.

“Professors are people just like students, and I think that fact is lost at larger schools,” he said. “The size of this college, and the passion professors have, allows for students to have easy access to their professors.”

Brady recommends selecting a college based on academics first and athletics second. He initially played football at Millsaps, but no longer plays due to an unexpected injury to his hip that required surgery.

“Although I'm no longer able to play football, I'm still glad I chose Millsaps,” he said. “That experience has reconfirmed my belief that it is important to choose a school based on academics first and athletics second.”

Academics at Millsaps are challenging, Brady said, and good time management skills are crucial in order for a student to be successful.

A member of Kappa Alpha Order and a Presidential Ambassador, Brady plans to study abroad this summer with the Millsaps College Else School of Management at its facility in Merida, Yucatan.