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Millsaps Launches International Perspectives Living/Learning Program

by Web on June 5, 2017

Millsaps College professor Dr. Bill Storey and 12 Millsaps students will focus on the international impact of global climate change during the inaugural year of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation’s International Perspectives Program.

Storey, a professor of history who has a strong record of interdisciplinary teaching at the College, will serve as the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation’s International Perspectives Faculty Fellow for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

He will teach the seminar, “The History and Future of Climate Change.” Storey and students involved in the program will plan and support a college-wide conference on the topic in the spring of 2018.

Students selected to participate in the program and its living/learning community include Adria Walker, Ashley Chang, Kelsey Stone, Neha Nafis, Adonia Goshu, Bobby Wang, Caiying Zhang, Saihou Ceesay, Vajresh Balaji, Charles Hoffman, Alex Uschmann, and Alex Wicker.

During the fall semester, students will discuss specific case studies about the history of climate science, the history of human responses to ancient ice ages as well as modern warming trends, and the history of alternative energy sources such as nuclear power. 

Storey contends that historical perspectives on climate change are important as we consider how to modify human behavior to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and to sustain a growing human population.

Storey is well suited to lead the program as he has woven business, environmental, and technological issues into his core teaching as well as his history-department electives. His scholarship and service have brought these themes together, too, through his writing about environmental and technological history, and his involvement in the American Society for Environmental History and the Society for the History of Technology.