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Finding Home Away From Home: Saihou Ceesay

by Web on February 23, 2018

Saihou Ceesay describes Millsaps College as the home of "a-ha" moments.

"All professors and administrators have their doors open for any form of guidance or help a student," he said. "Millsaps not only grows intellectuals or academic giants but also produces disciplined, honest, and hardworking leaders."

A sophomore from The Gambia, a country in West Africa, Ceesay considered attending college in Canada but found Millsaps offered the academic environment he desired.

With plans to major in biochemistry and, perhaps, economics, Ceesay said his classes are stimulating and thought-provoking thanks to professors who are experts in their subject areas.

"This semester, I am taking organic chemistry, zoology, principles of economics, and statistics," he said. "All of these classes are very interesting and are taught by amazing professors who are very skilled and up to date in their area of study."

The study of zoology is fascinating, Ceesay said, noting how much he has enjoyed learning about organisms at even the most basic cellular level.

He is currently shadowing Dr. George Patton, a Jackson physician, as part of the Millsaps Medical Mentoring Program. "I am shadowing Dr. Patton because I want to become a physician," he said.

A Davis Fellow in the International Perspectives Program at Millsaps, funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Ceesay discovered an interest in economics because of research as part of an assignment for the program. Students in the program studied climate change and hosted a conference in February that focused on their research and that of additional experts.

"While taking the IPP class, I became interested in learning how the market works and how money flows," he said. "I have seen so many beautiful measures that people from the developed countries can take to counterattack climate change.

"When I look at my home country, I barely see any technological advancement or development to help in a significant response to climate change. I believe an economic leap in my country will help make easy the attainment of green energy and save our beautiful environment. Also, with an increasing population that feeds on the limited vegetative cover of the country, an economic advancement will help increase standards of living of the growing population while providing more options on the availability and affordability of green energy."

Ceesay said Millsaps offers numerous ways for students to get involved on campus and meet people.

He is a member of the student staff of the library and a resident assistant for one of the residence halls. He serves as secretary of the International Students Organization at Millsaps and as vice president of the Millsaps Mindfulness Movement. During the fall 2017 semester, he was a sophomore senator of the Student Body Association.