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Millsaps College Student Assembling Speakers for His Third TEDx Event

by Web on July 31, 2018

Update: As of August 27, TEDxMillsapsCollege is being postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Organizers are working to present the event in the spring of 2019.

Millsaps College student Vajresh Balaji enjoys the TEDx format that gives speakers less than 20 minutes to get across their ideas.

“I love that there is a maximum time limit for talks,” said Balaji, a junior who is majoring in mathematics and economics (quantitative). “Eighteen minutes is all the time a speaker has to share their idea with the audience.”

Balaji is busy organizing the next TEDxMillsapsCollege, scheduled Sept. 14 at Millsaps. The program will mark the second TEDx at Millsaps and the third TEDx event he has organized.

“I organized my first TEDx event in 2013 in my hometown Coimbatore in India,” said Balaji, licensee and curator for TEDxMillsapsCollege. “Thirteen speakers from various backgrounds spoke at the event.”

The upcoming program will use the theme of “[Re]Imagine. [Re]Act” and will feature speakers related to the theme from a variety of backgrounds. The speakers will soon be announced.

Organizing a TEDx event takes about a year to curate and ensure that speakers have ideas worth spreading that fit the theme, he said.

“We work with speakers to help polish their talks and make them suitable to both a live audience and for a video format,” he said. “We try to make sure that the speakers not only relate to the theme but also to one another. The best part of a TEDx event is that the speakers do not get paid. This is a completely non-profit event and the speakers participate to support the community and spread their Ideas.”

Balaji also works with organizations that want to be partners and support the TEDx event. 

Balaji said his family taught him since childhood to give back to the community in any way possible.

“Both my parents and grandparents are involved with various organizations in our communities, and growing up in that atmosphere made me interested in trying to find an opportunity that would be very useful for the community,” he said. “I found that the TEDx Program created by TED is one of a kind and certainly supports Millsaps and the greater Jackson community.”