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New Timekeepers on Campus

by Web on August 22, 2018

A key architectural highlight of the Christian Center, which is under a dramatic renovation that will transform its interior and exterior space, is now in place.

A crane recently lifted and lowered into position a new clock tower that matches the original one.

Constructed in Jacksonville, Texas in three separate pieces and then assembled on site, the clock tower is made of fiberglass with a reinforced steel frame, said Henry Sockbeson IV, project manager for W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. The cap on top is the original one, he said.

Assembled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the clocks match the original E. Howard Design and feature French-made mechanics and Swiss Railway controls.

The use of GPS will ensure the clocks remain in sync and keep better time than a cell phone, Sockbeson said.

The clock tower will be a campus focal point at night thanks to the clocks that are LED backlit and a light at the top of the tower.

Construction on the Christian Center, which will transform the interior with space for a chapel and modern academic space, continues to progress. The project is estimated to be completed by spring 2019, and the building will be rededicated as the Selby and Richard McRae Christian Center.