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The Beat Produces Video Broadcasts about Life at Millsaps

by Zaria Bonds (Class of 2019) on November 29, 2016

Looking to stay up-to-date about life at Millsaps College?

Check out the Millsaps News Network: The Beat, a 15-minute video broadcast found on YouTube and Facebook that is produced by students. Millsaps students receive a new episode of The Beat each Monday in the Millsaps College Student Life Newsletter that is emailed to them.

Samesa Hoskin, a Millsaps junior, came up with the idea for The Beat last May and began to recruit students to join her efforts. She was looking for a way for students to promote events on campus, be recognized for their accomplishments, and express themselves.

Randon Heim, a Millsaps sophomore, joined The Beat as a way to connect and inform students about events on campus. Reporters interview faculty, staff, and students, and also create skits to showcase student activities other than class.

As anchor, field reporter, and news writer, Heim has interviewed Millsaps President Dr. Robert Pearigen, Millsaps Athletics Director Donnie Brooks, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Dr. Brit Katz, and Vice President for Enrollment and Communications Dr. Robert J. Alexander.

The Beat has reported on events such as Homecoming, Friday Forums, and various student activities.

“My favorite thing about working at The Beat is the ability to be as creative as possible while building, from the ground up, the first network of its kind at Millsaps with the help of my friends and peers,” Heim said.

Bailey Smith, a sophomore at Millsaps, hopes The Beat will make students more aware of campus activities. “I think The Beat helps with getting people more involved on campus by letting them know what is going on and it can share reports that we believe are important for the community,” he said.

Students involved in The Beat are able to earn class credit as an internship experience. Students perfect their skills as writers, reporters, and visual producers.

Additional members of The Beat are Tom Hatcher, Ridley Fink, Kayla Palmer, and Nico Baker.