Millsaps College 2020 Summer School Classes—for the Community

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Classes . . . without quizzes! Enjoy the quality Millsaps educational experience without the stress of tests by enrolling in one of our exciting not-for-credit online summer classes. From serial killers to politics to a behind-the-scenes look at the home—and life—of Eudora Welty, our online offerings are available for $450/each and will engage your mind and help you—virtually, of course—break the monotony of COVID quarantine!

All classes are asynchronous, which means you can learn on-demand and at your own pace! A computer with internet access and a desire to learn cool stuff is all you need. For more information or to register, click on your favorite class(es) below.

July 8–August 11, 2020

The Holocaust: What Were People Thinking?!? (July 8—August 11; James Bowley)

Ever wondered what people who lived in Germany and other "Holocaust" places really thought? What did religious people think? What did Jews and other victims think? This class will focus on the what were "real people" actually thinking and saying by using films and books that come from people who were there, not from later scholars. Believe it or not, it will even be enjoyable, definitely fascinating! as we delve into the human psyche and societies and hear from eyewitnesses of Nazism. Join us! In addition to the registration cost, participants will need to rent or purchase the texts used during the course ranging from about $30 to $50.

Late Night Sketch Comedy (July 8–August 11; Peter Friedrich)

If you have ever had that idea for a winning comedy sketch but never saw it through, now's the time! Study the successful sketch comedy forms from programs including Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele, Desus and Mero, Monty Python, and Funny or Die, and learn the elements in creating your own original work that entertains while challenging authority, moral hypocrisy, meaningless politeness and whatever else you are fed up with!

The Two-Party System in American Politics (July 8–August 11; Nathan Shrader)

Become an expert in American party politics! This seminar will approach political parties through the vantage points of the voters who comprise their ranks, party leaders, elected officials who bear a party's label, and interest groups and organizations affiliated with the parties. We will use the 2020 presidential election that will be occurring concurrently during the seminar to track party and partisan behavior in real time, follow third-party activity, and attempt to discover why our two-party system is here to stay. In addition to the registration cost, participants will need to rent or purchase the texts used during the course, ranging from about $40 to $120 total.

Welty and the House of Fiction (July 8–August 11; Suzanne Marrs and Michael Pickard)

Henry James, whose work Eudora Welty loved and learned from, once observed that "The house of fiction has [. . .] not one window, but a million." Students in this course will explore Welty's actual house at 1119 Pinehurst Street for some of the million windows that it opens onto the houses of fiction and nonfiction that she built or inspired. We will explore works of four different genres: Welty's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Optimist's Daughter (1972); her bestselling memoir, One Writer's Beginnings (1984); Suzanne Marrs's definitive record of the author's life, Eudora Welty: A Biography (2005); and the current tour of the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum as curated by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. In addition to the registration cost, participants will need to rent or purchase the texts used during the course at the cost of about $40.