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Temple to Apollo
Corinth, Greece
Millsaps Greek
Field Studies
Greek Legacy Field Studies is a complement to a multi-disciplinary course on the Legacy of Ancient Greece. This spring trip is designed to introduce students to the art, archeology and culture of Greece. We start our trip in Athens, where we explore the majestic Athenian Acropolis, the mazes of the Old Town Plaka, and view the riches of the great museums in Athens. We will also visit Cape Sounion with its magnificent temple ruins perched on a mountain top, a temple the great English poet Byron also visited and while there inscribed his name on one of the columns.
We then proceed overland to Corinth, the city of Medea and the site of Paul's Letters to the Corinthians, the charming city of Nauphlion, the thrilling remains of the Bronze Age culture of Mycenae, where Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Orestes and Electra played out their fateful history, the elegant and extensive ruins of Asclepius' healing sanctuary and its magnificent theater, still used for outdoor performances, and finally to Olympia, the temple sanctuary of Zeus and Hera and the Olympic Games.


By ferry we then travel to the stunning mountain sanctuary of the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, passing by the crossroads where Oedipus is said to have murdered his father. We then travel to Santorini, where stark white towns hang atop black volcanic cliffs, to visit the remains of a bronze age city, Akrotiri, destroyed by an eruption of a volcano in 1500 B.C. This vigorous civilization and its demise is, according to many, enshrined in myth as Atlantis. We also visit Crete, the island site of extensive Bronze Age palaces and cities, as well as Mycenae and Delos.

The Classical Studies Department also regularly sends undergraduate students to summer, semester, and year-long programs at the College Year in Athens (CYA) in Athens, Greece. CYA offers a variety of courses in Greek and Latin, Classics, archaeology, Aegean prehistory, Greek and Mediterranean history, Greek anthropology, architecture, religion, ancient art, and modern Greek language and literature. The year and semester programs consist of numerous trips to sites around mainland Greece, Crete and the Aegean, as well as a number of courses actually taught on site or in Greek museums. The program is open to qualified undergraduates in Classics, classical archaeology, art history, history, anthropology, and classical studies.

For more information, contact Catherine Freis.


Millsaps also has a working relationship with Dr. Timothy Gregory, of the Ohio State University, and the Isthmia Project. Students who have attained fieldwork experience can apply to work with Dr. Gregory at Isthmia, Greece, a large Panhellenic sanctuary dedicated primarily to the worship of Poseidon, located near Corinth.
For more information about Isthmia, contact David Davis.

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