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Things to Know Before You Register for Fall Classes

Welcome new students! We are excited that you will be joining our campus family in the near future.


Learn more about Millsaps' Academic Offerings.

The Academic Advising Guide helps you prepare for Registration.

See a current list of classes offered at Millsaps.

The Core Curriculum, the 10 courses every student needs to graduate.

Dr. Bill Storey discusses how to choose Core classes.

Please note that all listings for Core 1: Freshman Seminar, Heritage, and Topics can be found under "Interdisciplinary Studies" or "IDST" in Major Access.

Core 1: Freshman Seminar - All freshmen are required to take this course. All transfers are required to take IDST 1050.

Core 2-5: Arts and Letters - Choose Topics or Heritage of the West in World Perspective in order to fulfill your Core 2-5: Arts and Letters.

Heritage of the West in World Perspective - Find out more about the program.

See a sample schedule for a freshman (PDF)

Also find out more about:

Language Requirements

Music Lessons

Fine Arts Requirement

What other classes are available to take?

College Catalog

Academic Programs

Majors and Minors

Academic Departments


Tips for Successful Registration:

Make certain your accounts for Millsaps email and MajorAccess, a web-based information management tool that allows access numerous online resources, are both ready to use. You have received your Millsaps email username in a previous correspondence from Millsaps. Both will be utilized in the Registration process.

1. Set up your Advising/Registration time period.
Please keep in mind that the earlier you register, the wider the range of available course options.

Use the online Registration Advising/Challenge Registration form to choose whether you want to be called for setting up registration via phone or whether you will be participating in Challenge Week, during which you will register for classes.

Challenge Week dates:
June 9 - 14 - Week 1
June 23 - 28 - Week 2

2. 2. After completing Registration Advising/Challenge Registration form, you will be contacted by either Dr. Melissa Lea if are setting up registration via phone or by College Chaplain Rev. Christopher Ross Donald College if you are participating in Challenge Week.

3. Email your advisor. Using your Millsaps Email, contact your assigned faculty advisor. You and your advisor will correspond to discuss advising and to make an appointment to talk on the phone or to meet in person. It is very important that you be available at the agreed-upon appointment time. If you miss your appointment time, your registration appointment will be cancelled. (You will still be able to register during Orientation on campus.) Make sure you have reviewed the academic information before your appointment with your advisor!

4. Set up Registration. Login to MajorAccess, hit the "Current Students" tab and follow the link to "E-Registration Documentation." Read over each of the documents carefully to familiarize yourself with the registration process.

      a. Use the E-Registration Card under the "Current Students" menu in Major Access to create your "Suggested Course List." These are the classes you'd like to take in the fall. You are now ready to be advised.

      b. After talking with you about your academic goals and requirements, your advisor will approve courses from your "Suggested Course List." Those courses will show on your E-Registration Card as being "Advisor Approved." You can now hit "Select & Register" on the action bar.

      c. Pick the Sections of the courses you want, making certain that none of the meeting times of your courses will conflict with one another. If no conflicts exist, you have successfully registered! You can review your registration in the subsequent screens.