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Millsaps Professor to Give Public Lecture on "Al Qaeda in Today's World" Nov. 5


Millsaps Department of Religious Studies professor Dr. Younus Mirza will give a public lecture on al-Qaeda and its role in the current global situation. The Lecture will take place Monday, November 5 at 7 p.m. in Murrah Hall Room 200.

With the recent attacks in Libya, pundits have suggested that al-Qaeda is on the resurgence and a wave of conservatism is engulfing the Arab world. This lecture will argue that a new generation of Arabs and Muslims have rejected al-Qaeda's extremism and are forging a new path of democracy and mutual understanding.

The generation of Facebook and Twitter led the "Arab Spring" and live in a world of globalization, not of clash of civilizations. They do not see their "Islamic identity" conflicting with "the West" and hope to develop their societies through international engagement.

Younus Y. Mirza recently defended his dissertation in classical qur'anic exegesis from Georgetown's Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.  He argues that classical exegesis must be understood within historic theological debates and social movements.  His education also consists of a joint Bachelors and Masters in International Relations and Arab Studies from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service.

Mirza studied Arabic and Islamic studies for two years in the Gulf state of Qatar. He is now at Millsaps College serving a Post- Doc in Religious Studies teaching courses on Islamic Movements, Biblical and Qu'anic Prophets, and Islam in America.