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Millsaps Proceeds with Planning for Development of Northeast Corner of Campus


Planning for the northeast corner of campus that was once occupied by the Texaco station is under way.

In 1971, Millsaps College entered into an arrangement with Texaco, Inc., to allow Texaco to lease land and operate a gas station on the northeast corner of the campus at Woodrow Wilson Boulevard and North State Street. The lease, which had a 20-year term with renewal options, expired late last year. The College chose not to renew the lease but to reclaim the space for future use that is better aligned with the mission of the College and service to Millsaps students.

The Texaco station has been removed, and a series of sessions seeking input from trustees, faculty, staff, and students about the best use of that important part of our campus have been held.

The sessions were part of a master planning process led by the firm of Hastings+Chivetta, an architecture firm that specializes in higher education campus planning. The planning has just started but will consider the needs of the College, the prospects offered by the Mississippi Healthcare Corridor that is being developed along Woodrow Wilson Boulevard, and of course, our relationship with our community.

"It is our desire that the development of the northeast corner of campus be inviting, meaningful, and representative of the qualities of excellence and good citizenship we value at Millsaps College," said Terri Hudson, Vice President for Institutional Planning and Assessment. "We are excited about these new opportunities."