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Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Richard Freis' Novel "Confession" Published

May 9, 2013


"Confession" by Richard Freis

Richard Freis will sign copies of Confession at Lemuria Bookstore on July 20, 2013

Sartoris Literary Group announces the release of Confession by Millsaps Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Richard Freis on May 7, 2013. Confession will also be available in an eBook edition.

An intense and engrossing novel of psychological suspense, Confession features protagonist George Burden, a distinguished Jackson, Mississippi attorney who finds himself at a crossroads as he approaches his 55th birthday.

From outward appearances, it seems George is living an enviable life. But even with his devoted wife, affluent lifestyle, social prominence, successful career, and beautiful family, George is dogged by the worry that the choices he made were too easy and too safe.

His choice to begin an affair with Becca Talbot, however, is anything but easy - and decidedly unsafe. A young woman who works in his law firm, Becca is a divorcee with a five-year-old son. She is younger than George's youngest daughter.  But for George, the affair is far more than physical: he falls deeply in love with Becca. During one passionate noon encounter at a local hotel, George announces that he wants to leave his wife and asks Becca to marry him. When Becca rejects his proposal, George becomes enraged, and when he later sees Becca with an unknown young man, he becomes obsessed with convincing Becca to marry him - and demystifying the ambiguities of Becca's life.

But that quest will lead George down a precarious path. Lust, jealousy, rage, and envy are on a collision course - and even in the present day, George's past begins to bubble to the surface. When a violent confrontation ensues, George will not only learn the truth about Becca, but he will learn the truth about himself.

A tense thriller that unfolds in four days, Confession is a powerful tale about passion, obsession, and desire. Novelist Richard Freis paints an extraordinary - and extraordinarily compelling - portrait of a character in crisis in Confession, a haunting tale that will leave readers breathless.

Dr. Suzanne Marrs, Millsaps English professor, Welty Foundation Scholar in Residence, and author of What There Is to Say We Have Said: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell, calls Confession "a taut psychological thriller, focused on a mid-life crisis and arriving at a stunning conclusion."

Richard Freis has lived in Mississippi for almost forty years. His poetry has appeared in Poetry, The Southern Review, Drastic Measures, and other magazines and anthologies. He has published widely, both locally and nationally, as a literary and performing and visual arts journalist and scholar. He has also published translations and written librettos for a cantata and an opera.

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