Interim Director of the Millsaps Principals’ and Teachers’ Institute

Position Description

Millsaps College is seeking an Interim Director of the Millsaps Principals’ and Teachers’ Institute; the position is a part-time position for 50 weeks annually and 25 hours weekly. Only applicants who are current school principals or those who have been principals in the past are considered.

The Interim Director of the Principals’ and Teachers’ Institute is responsible for planning, scheduling, and implementing all activities of the week-long Summer Institute each June. In addition, the Director designs and supervises fall and spring workshops for beginning administrators. The Interim Director prepares for the Institute Advisory Board meetings and works closely with the Chair of the Board in conducting the work of the Board, along with managing the Institute budget.

The Interim Director has the following more specific responsibilities:

Interested candidates submit a cover letter, vitae, and three letters of recommendation to For best consideration, submit applications by October 21st, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Visit the Millsaps College Principals’ Summer Institute page for more information about the Institute.