Student Body Association (SBA) Officers


Ian Taylor, SBA President

  • Chairman of the SBA Senate
  • Gives presentations and meets with the College’s Board of Trustees
  • Chairman of the SBA Executive Board
  • Serves as liaison between students and administrators

Catherine Zhang, SBA Vice President

  • Oversees student traditions (e.g., Fourth Night, eve of the seventh season)
  • Conduct elections for the student body
  • Oversees all committees of the SBA Senate

Julia Staszkiewicz, SBA Executive Director of Programming

  • Oversees Millsaps College’s Programming and Activities Council (PAC)
  • Oversees $80,000 budget for programming
  • Schedules events such as concerts, school-sponsored parties, comedians, and other activities to provide fun and stress relief for students

Tyler Hays, SBA Treasurer

  • Oversees the student organization fee allocation process.
  • Responsible for managing all budgets of the SBA
  • Works with the SBA advisor and vice president of finance to establish yearly SBA budget

Brenna Macnamara, SBA Secretary

  • Oversees all internal operations of the SBA
  • Keeps minutes during all student body meetings
  • Schedules all SBA-related events