Student Body Association

Student Body Association

The SBA exists to provide effective participation of students in college governance, to act for the students in matters involving the students' interests, to help maintain a high quality of life on campus, and to work with the administration, staff, and faculty to build and preserve a learning community. Through our three branches of government, the Executive Board (Officers), the Student Senate, and the Student Conduct Council, the Millsaps Student Body Association provides the finest services to her students.

Our office is located on the third floor of the Student Center in the Division of Student Life.

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The SBA is at its best only when we all get involved. Senate meetings are open to all students, Mondays at 9:15 p.m. in the Senate Chambers, Murrah Hall 204.

2016 Academic Year Executive Board Members are to be announced.  

Information on our Constitution/Bylaws or on the Millsaps College community may be found in Major Facts, the student handbook.


Student Senate

The Student Senate exercises legislative power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the Legislature of Millsaps College, developing and sponsoring legislation for the betterment of the College. The Senate shall serve as spokesman for the Student Body Association on all matters of student concern.

The SBA is at its best only when we all get involved. Senate meetings are open to all students, Mondays at 9:15 p.m. in the Senate Chambers, Murrah Hall 204. 


Senators are elected at the beginning of the Fall semester. Senators serve for the duration of the school year; open seats are filled from appointments, by the President, and by a second election held in the second semester.

Senators represent the following constituencies: Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class, Greek Student, Non-Greek Student, NCAA Student Athlete.


Student Conduct Council

The Millsaps Student Conduct System is not intended to mirror that of any court system. The policies and procedures used are not meant to resemble those in the criminal process. There is a fundamental difference in the nature of student discipline and that of criminal law. Student discipline is meant to maintain a positive living and learning environment. The process is designed to help students make positive choices for themselves, choosing self-responsibility instead of submitting to peer-pressure, and to challenge them to accept responsibility for any negative choices.

The Student Conduct Council exercises judicial power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students, including the power of sanctioning individuals; it is the Judicial branch of Millsaps College. The Student Conduct Council holds hearings and makes judgments towards the general policy of the Student Body Association; it has jurisdiction over student disciplinary cases.

Information about the Council taken from our Constitution

1. Sixteen voting members shall be appointed as follows: two faculty members appointed by the Vice President and Dean of the College with the approval of the President; one administrative staff member appointed by the President; eight student members appointed by a committee chaired by the Second Vice President, composed of three Student Conduct Council members and two Student Body Association Officers and confirmed by the Senate.

2. The Director of Residence Life shall serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.

3. The Council shall be chosen by February 14 of each year. Terms of office shall be as follows: faculty members, two members for a one-year term each; student members, seven students each for a one-year term, one student for a two-year term.

4. The Council shall choose a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary from the student membership.

5. The Council may choose a judicial liaison, that is not part of the Council, to advise any student of his rights before a council hearing.

Jurisdiction of Powers
1. The Student Conduct Council shall generally have jurisdiction over student disciplinary cases except in the following areas: cases involving extreme psychological and/or emotional problems which will be determined by and handled by the Dean of Students. In such cases the Dean of Students will inform the members of the Council of the reason for the determination; cases involving academic cheating, plagiarism or unruly behavior in the class room shall be determined and handled through the Office of the Vice President and Dean of the College and/or by the Honor Council; all disciplinary actions taken by the Office of Student Life on behalf of the Council and/or in lieu of a formal hearing shall be reported to the members of the Student Conduct Council by the Director of Residence Life.

2. The Council shall NOT have jurisdiction over offenses committed outside the college campus except those which occur during participation in a college activity or in an activity affiliated with MillsapsCollege.

3. The Council shall have the authority to levy appropriate monetary fines, service hours, alcohol classes, as well as other sanctions.

4. The President of the College has prerogative of review in all matters of student discipline. The authority of the President to assume jurisdiction in cases of student discipline is reserved for those instances where, in his/her judgment, the best interests of the College would be served.

5. The Council has the power of review over decisions of the President of the Student Body Association concerning questions arising from constitutional interpretation and procedure. Any decision made by the SBA President may be overturned by a majority vote of quorum of Council and replaced by the Council's own decision. The Council can refuse to hear any case by a majority vote and the President's decision will then be final.

6. The Council may suggest amendments or present decisions in writing to the Senate concerning presidential review, the Constitution, or the Bylaws.

7. The Council should review, periodically, the Constitution and Bylaws as recommended in writing by the Senate and Student Body Association Executive Officers.

8. The Council shall have the authority to reopen cases due to the appearance of additional evidence.

1. Decisions rendered by the Council may be appealed to the Dean of Students. Decisions rendered by a Student Life administrator may be appealed to the Council.

2. Any decision rendered by the Council and/or an administrator which involves a recommendation of suspension or expulsion from the college will be reviewed by the Dean of Students. 

Procedures of the Millsaps Student Conduct Council
1. The chairperson of the Council shall have plenary authority to control the conduct of persons in the council chambers and is subject to being overruled by a majority of the other members present.

2. When deemed necessary, the chairman or a member of the Student Life staff shall have the power to appoint an examiner to investigate the facts of a case, to present the case to the council, and to examine witnesses.

3. The Council shall establish rules and bylaws for the conduct of council hearings, subject to review of the Senate.

4. Any member of the Millsaps College community may bring charges against a member of the Student Body Association.

Relations to College Policy
1. Each member of the Millsaps Student Conduct Council is obligated to enforce the disciplinary regulations of the Student Body Association.

2. Each student is bound by honor to display proper conduct in the community and before the Council. Sanctions for refusal to cooperate with the Council may result in the recommendation of a hold on next semester registration or refusal of graduation in the case of students in their last semesters.