Student Organizations


Millsaps College Student Organizations

Millsaps College offers many opportunities for co-curricular involvement. Millsaps College currently has more than 30 registered student organizations. Student organizations provide our students a way to develop exemplary leadership skills, make a difference, meet new people, try new things, and have fun outside of the classroom.


Start a New Student Organization

Benefits of being a registered student organization/club: 

  • Access to reserve spaces on campus for events put on by your student organization
  • Ability to request event funding from SBA (Student Body Association)
  • Free advertising of your events in the Student Organizations Newsletter

Please complete the application before October 1st to start receiving the benefits listed above.

Requirements to create a registered student organization at Millsaps College:

1. The group does not duplicate an existing organization. Please visit the website for a list of existing organizations.
2. There are at least 5 Millsaps students interested in participating in the organization 
3. The group does not organize under the sponsorship of an existing organization.
4. The organization must have an advisor who is a full-time faculty member or staff.

Steps to take:

1. Write a Constitution.

  • All organizations should include a non-discrimination clause in their constitution.

2. Find a Millsaps faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor.

  • You will need a “Letter of Support” from the faculty or staff member stating they are aware of their role as advisor and accept the responsibility of that role. 

3. Complete the New Student Organization Application.

  • Be prepared to upload:
    • Your constitution 
    • Your advisor letter of support 
    • The names of 5 interested members

4. Meet with a staff member from the SAIL Center upon completion of your materials. You will be contacted once your New Student Organization Application has been reviewed.


Recognized Student Organizations



Art Club

Art Club is a club where Studio and Art History Majors/Minors/enthusiasts come together and discuss topics relating to art. We also have fun activity days where we get together and make art.
President: Ninette Hickey  |  Email:

Classics Club

A group of like-minded individuals who have a passion for Antiquity. We gather to spread appreciation of the Classics to the campus, to present on topics in which we have a vested interest, and to partake in deep and enlightening conversation.
President: Rowdy Cosby  |  Email:

COMM and Film Club

COMM and Film club is a product of the Communications and Film Studies department.
President: Emily Hussey  |  Email:

Millsaps Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success program is a student success initiative focused on the success of African American students at the college. With over 40% of the African American population in the program, we offer academic, social, and career support for students that have been flagged at risk upon enrolling.
President: Zaria Bonds  |  Email:

Mock Trial

Competitive academic organization
President: Pujan Patel   |  Email:

Politics and Government Association

The Politics and Government Association of Millsaps College is an all inclusive club that works to bring together bipartisan speakers and groups to expand on the knowledge and awareness of the political and government happenings of the past, present, and future. This association often invites keynote speakers to address students, as well as covering debates, candidates, and result gatherings for high profile elections in the Jackson area and around the state and country.
President: Bubba White  |  Email:

Psychology Club

A club for anyone interested in psychology.
President: Harli Sesser  |  Email:

United Nations Association – Millsaps

UNA-Millsaps is a club dedicated to participating in Model United Nations and celebrating the works of the United Nations and other organizations.
President: Ethan Emory  |  Email:



International Student Organization

ISO is dedicated to supporting and enhancing an inclusive global campus environment among international and American students. ISO serves as the umbrella student organization to provide advocacy, social activities, leadership opportunities and field trips for international students and those interested in global cultures. All international students automatically become members of ISO upon their admission to Millsaps, but all students who wish to learn more about global culture are welcome. ISO works closely with the Millsaps International Buddy System (MIBS), Student Body Association (SBA), International Perspectives Program (IPP) and BOBA (Bringing out the Best of Asia) to bring international and domestic students together to encourage cultural understanding.
President: Catherine Zhang  |  Email:

Millsaps International Buddy System

MIBS is an organization to help incoming international students accommodate to the US, Mississippi and Millsaps. We help them with day to day task and assist them with any help they may need (i.e transportation, class information or even sitting with them at lunch).
President: Shamia Hopper  |  Email:

Millsaps Masala

Hindu cultural association
President: Karam Rahat  |  Email:

Muslim Student Association

Represents the Muslim community on campus
President: Karam Rahat  |  Email:


Games and Athletics

The Majority

We represent the student section at all sporting events.
President: Shelby Marsh  |  Email:


Greek Life

See an overview of the chapters at Millsaps.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

President: Melanye Bender  |  Email:

Chi Omega

President: Maggie Kimble  |  Email:

Delta Delta Delta

President: Jameson Miller  |  Email:

Interfraternity Council

President: Ty McGee  |  Email: mcgeetl!

Interfraternity Council

President: Ty McGee  |  Email: mcgeetl!

Kappa Alpha Order

President: Jimmy Fondren  |  Email:

Kappa Delta

President: Rebecca Falls  |  Email:

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

President: Hamilton Armour  |  Email:

Lambda Chi Alpha

President: Evan Smithers  |  Email:


President: Alex Wicker  |  Email:


President: Alex Wicker  |  Email:

Phi Mu

President: Audrey Bennett  |  Email:

Pi Kappa Alpha

President: Cooper Cearley  |  Email:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

President: Connor Dunne  |  Email:



Canterbury Club

We are the campus ministry group for the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi on campus at Millsaps.
President: Jack Harth   |  Email:

Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association provides opportunities for students of all faiths, particularly the Catholic faith, to engage with Catholicism through on campus mass and other activities.
President: Elizabeth Hambuchen  |  Email:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

A religious group that uses the platform of athletics as a connecting tool to create a Christian community among athletes and non-athletes on campus.
President: Drew Carter  |  Email:

Healing on the Streets/Vineyard Outreach Ministries

We have a team of 4 - 6 prayer partners who come with 4 - 6 folding chairs offering prayer for all who request it. We invite them to sit (optional) and 2 - 3 team members (with one in the lead) will offer up a short and concise prayer according to specific request. We do not solicit anyone but are simply an available presence. If anyone should stop and ask, we hand out a short tract which explains who we are and what we offer.
President: Mark Propst  |  Email:


InterVarsity is a Christian fellowship here on campus that partakes in bible study once every week. In addition, the organization partners with other InterVarsity groups from different campuses for worship nights, prayer walks and breakfast, and also retreats/conferences throughout the school year and summer!
President: Kasi Matthews  |  Email:

Jewish Cultural Organization

The Jewish Cultural Organization (JCO) is a student organization dedicated to celebrating Jewish culture at Millsaps. Jewish students and faculty, as well as those with a deep appreciation for Jewish culture, are brought together through our programming into a deep and meaningful community. From weekly Shabbat to seasonal holidays, JCO is a thriving religious organization where all are welcome.
President: Isabelle Dillard  |  Email:

Millsaps Christian Fellowship

We are a campus ministry seeking to teach the good news of the story of Jesus. We use weekly Bible studies and intentional one-on-one ministry to encourage students to love God, love their fellow students, and to love Millsaps College. We welcome all students--the broken, the lost, the found, the bored, the confused, and the healthy.
President: Emilie Davis  |  Email:

Muslim Student Association

Represents the Muslim community on campus
President: Karam Rahat  |  Email:

Progressive Christians

A relaxed, community focused group of students who loosely identify with the Christian tradition. We come together to discuss contemporary issues and our positioning in relation to these issues as a Christian presence in the world.
President: Isabelle Dillard  |  Email:

The Collective

The Collective is a Christian based organization that focuses on small group Bible studies led by Millsaps students. We hope to create an open environment for students from different backgrounds to grow together, while learning how to apply scripture to their everyday life.
President: Jessie Allen  |  Email:

Wesley Connexion

Wesley Connexion provides a weekly devotion and Eucharist. It is not just for Methodist students, but anyone willing to participate. The meetings are held in Susanna Hall Tuesday's at 11:50 (dead period). Local Churches come and support Wesley.
President: Nathan Gatlin  |  Email:


Special Interest

Citizen’s Climate Education (CCE)

ECitizens Climate Education's (CCE) purpose is to educate students of Millsaps College in such a way that will help them better understand the changing climate.
President: Jessica Reynolds  |  Email:

Enable America

Enable MS is a non-profit organization of young adults who volunteer their time in spreading the awareness of special needs around the community of Millsaps College, local community and surrounding areas. There are many educational and fundraising events held on or near our campus to positively inform all ages of our community the lives those who have or care for someone with special needs.
President: Hannah Hamrick  |  Email:

Lean in Circle

President: Sierra Burris  |  Email:

Millsaps Mindfulness Movement – M3

M3 is a wellness organization dedicated to fostering workshops and activities centered on mindfulness meditation and mindful living. The group was founded to offer and facilitate mindfulness workshops for the campus community throughout the year, and will also implement a weekly meditation group this semester.
President: Kelsey Stone  |  Email:

Millsaps PRIDE

The purpose of PRIDE shall be to provide a welcoming space for students of the College who identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally, by holding meetings, providing education and information, and putting on events. One objective of this organization is to push Millsaps College to create a more inclusive environment and to stand for political, legal, and social change at the College and in the community. PRIDE at Millsaps College aims to stand as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in Jackson, Mississippi and to set an example and expectation for other collegiate LGBTQ+ advocacy groups in the Deep South region of the United States.
President: AK Singleton  |  Email:

Plant Based @ Saps (P.B.S.)

We are an organization formed to give community to people who are vegans or vegetarians and are open to all who want to learn about the lifestyle. We advocate for animal rights and that all animals deserve to live a free life without human exploitation.
President: Bailey Smith  |  Email:


Club for students that are interested in Chemistry. We hold community service events at the local children's hospital as well as at Brown elementary. We also celebrate National Chemistry Week, in which we get a caf table and promote chemistry to other students.
President: Max Harrigill  |  Email:

Scratch the Record

President: Jack Welsh  |  Email:

Society for the Advancement of Electronic Culture

The Society for the Advancement of Electronic Culture is an organization that tries to appeal to those that are interested in learning and admiring the art and culture of the information era in which we live in. Basically we're a bunch of enthusiasts and fanatics of many things online and electronic.
President: Robert Rayburn  |  Email:


Honorary Societies

Alpha Epsilon Delta

President: Scottie Dennis  |  Email:

Alpha Psi Omega

Beta Beta Beta - Pre-Med

President: Daniel Adams  |  Email:

Beta Alpha Psi

Eta Sigma Phi

FMA Honor Society

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Pi - Art

President: Maria Welch  |  Email:

Mu Phi Epsilon

Nu Rho Psi

Order of Omega

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Eta Sigma

Pi Delta Phi

Pi Mu Epsilon

Pi Sigma Alpha

President: Kendall Hardy  |  Email:

Psi Chi

President: Carley Thaw  |  Email:

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Lambda

Sigma Tau Delta

Theta Kappa Alpha