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1 Campus 1 Community


1 Campus 1 Community is not just a program or an office - it's a movement.

A movement to transform the way we think about community service and the way we relate to the off-campus community. A movement away from the assumption that "we" know or have what "they" need. A movement to break down the boundaries between "us" and "them" so that together, we can build real and lasting partnerships that will change us all for the better.

At Millsaps College, we are on the move to a new way of being in community.

1 Campus 1 Community is a campus-wide commitment to engage the wider community in modes of full partnership and mutual respect. It signals our intention as a college community to work with community partners to identify challenges and problems that we come together to address.

1 Campus 1 Community is an invitation to open our eyes and hearts to the needs and blessings that are close at hand: the neighborhood across the street, the public school around the corner. Consider yourself invited.

The 1 Campus 1 Community Center for Engaged Learning and Living (1C1C CELL) is the volunteer center for the College. We maintain a database of community partners, projects, and needs, and our staff and Student Leadership Team help connect interested individuals and groups to these constituencies. We cultivate positive relationships with community partners, and we work with campus organizations and academic programs from across the college to promote, coordinate, track, and assess community engagement efforts. Each year, we help connect hundreds of Millsaps students, faculty, and staff to service opportunities, and we encourage and support the building of long-lasting partnerships between the College and the community.

Our Student Leadership Team is a diverse group of young people who advocate for service across the campus and help interested individuals and groups connect to specific needs in the surrounding communities, especially the Midtown neighborhood and Jackson public schools. The 1C1C Team also sponsors/hosts numerous programs each year, including:

  • 100% Adopt-A-Class - a campus-wide effort to pair Millsaps student organizations with teachers and classrooms at a nearby elementary school so that together, they can enrich the learning and lives of the children
  • MLK Day Play & Serve - a day of games, learning, and service for the children of the Midtown neighborhood and of Millsaps faculty and staff members

The 1C1C Staff includes

  • Ann Phelps, Director 1 Campus 1 Community (also Director of the Millsaps Faith & Work Initiative)
  • Ashley Prewitt for Education Initiatives
  • Chelsey Overstreet-Hedglin for Community Building
  • Grace Williams for Economic Development

The staff also oversees the Wellspring Community Service Living/Learning Program ... click the link to learn more!

Local Community Partners and Agencies in North Midtown - Learn how YOU can SERVE!