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Standards of Excellence Plan

Greek Life


Millsaps College
Standards of Greek Excellence Report



Fraternities and sororities exist in order to complement and promote the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of character, to enrich the personal lives of their members, to enhance the ability of their members to function effectively in society, and to expand the range of activities and programs available to the campus community. The purpose of the Standards of Greek Excellence Report is to align the fraternities and sororities with the missions of both Millsaps College and each chapter's inter/national organization. The plan will cover one full officer term. The gathering of this information allows the Millsaps Greek community to communicate their strengths to the campus, alumni, international organizations, potential members, and parents. This program provides a strong ability for each chapter to hold themselves accountable for the unique values set forth in each member fraternity or sorority's purpose and mission.

Recognition Program

The chapter is responsible for submitting verification of activities and events throughout the year. The Standards of Greek Excellence Report checklist will be used to document those events and activities that have been verified and submitted properly. This checklist will be used as the annual evaluation report for each chapter. The chapter is welcome to submit additional materials on those events and activities that go above and beyond the expectations stated in the Standards of Greek Excellence Report checklist. All materials will be used in the evaluation and awards.

The annual Greek Awards process will be completed every spring following the submission of all related materials from the chapter. A date will be set and announced as to when all materials are to be submitted to the Office of Student Life. All late submissions will not be considered for chapter awards at the Student Life Awards ceremony. There will be no separate applications for chapter awards: all decisions will be based on the information submitted in the annual report.

Levels of Recognition

  • Level 1  Continuation in good standing
  • Level 2  Continuation in good standing with recommendations
  • Level 3  Continuation with recommendations
  • Level 4 Continuation with immediate changes

Descriptions of Levels

  • Level 1 Continuation in good standing. Level 1 chapters have excelled in upholding the standards of Greek organizations. No additional meetings with College officials are required with Level 1 chapters.
  • Level 2 Continuation in good standing with recommendations. Chapter has upheld the certain standards of Greek organizations. Chapter officers must meet with Greek advisor to discuss plan to reach Level 1 status.
  • Level 3 Continuation with recommendations. Chapter has not met minimum requirements in certain categories. Chapter officers must meet with Greek Advisor and submit a written plan detailing steps to improve status. 
  • Level 4 Continuation with immediate changes. Chapter has failed to meet minimum standards. Chapter officers must meet with Greek Advisor and submit a written plan detailing steps to improve status. Level 4 chapters will not be allowed to host social events or other events on campus until steps are taken to obtain Level 3 status.


  • Level 1 Status: 90-100 Points
  • Level 2 Status: 80-89 Points
  • Level 3 Status: 70-79 Points
  • Level 4 Status: Less than 70 Points