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Safe Space Allies

Safe Space Program


The following faculty, staff, students and friends of Millsaps College are Safe Space "Allies," available to talk openly and confidentially with anyone dealing with LGBTQ issues.

Zane Ballard
Merrilee Bufkin
Ariel Decoteau
Katherine Henry
Molly Knight
Betsy Kohut
Alex Melnick
Austin McCarter
Alex Morphew
Karam Rahat
Thomas Ratcliff
Zach Russell
Savannah Sykes
Alex Tschudin
Parker Welch
Kaitlyn Welch
Candace Wheeler
*All Resident Assistants and Foundations Leaders

Kathie Adams, Coordinator of Records Office
Diane Baker, Associate Professor of Management
Zeke Bandy, Coordinator of Residence Life
Richard Boada, Professor of English
Josh Brooks, Athletic Director
Kim Burke, Professor of Accounting
Connie Campbell, Professor of Mathematics
Patrick Cooper, Director of Residence Life
Chris Donald, Chaplain
Liz Egan, Writing Center Director
Ramon Figueroa, Associate Professor of Spanish
Harvey Fiser, Associate Professor of Business Law
Peter Friedrich, Professor of Theatre
Patrick Hopkins, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Beth Hussa, Professor of Biology
Martha Johnston, Administrative Assistant to Student Life
Monica Jovanovich-Kelley, Professor of Art History
Brit Katz, Vice President and Dean of Students
Alex Lawson, Coordinator of Events Scheduling, Conferences and Camps
Melissa Lea, Professor of Psychology
Tonya Nations, Director of Career Center
Brittney Paxton, Coordinator of Campus Life
Christina Phillips, International Student Advisor
Shelli Poe, Professor of Religious Studies
Dani Rossano, Millsaps Admissions Counselor
Stephen Smith, Millsaps Admissions Transfer Coordinator
Jennifer Tompkins, Secretary and Program Assistant, Continuing Education
Kristen Tordella-Williams, Professor of Studio Art
Lola Williamson, Professor of Religious Studies
Michelle Wheeler, Student Life Intern