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Intramural Sports

Student Life

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Roundball Enthusiasts Everywhere (on Campus):
The 83rd Annual Millsaps Intramural Basketball Season is rapidly approaching!!!!!

Come dust off your Hightops and hurry over to the HAC Gymnasium for some good ole fashioned athletic fun.


You must turn in an entry form by Wednesday in order to compete, so assemble your squads and get to practicing!  Keep an eye out in the Purple & White for a season preview!

*Those interested in employment opportunities please email intramurals@millsaps.edu.

Click here for Entry Forms.

All graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff of Millsaps College are eligible for participation in Intramural activities and events. Alumni are not eligible to play.

The following items are specific regulations concerning eligibility of participants in IM competition:

1. Intercollegiate athletes may not compete in the same sport(s) or any related sport(s) during that academic year. A student shall be deemed a member of an intercollegiate team if they practice past the 1st game or dress for the 1st contest. This includes red-shirt athletes.

2. Players may play on one team per sport.

3. Only players submitted on the official team roster are eligible to participate in the IM games.

4. A player may not switch teams once the season has begun.

Failure to observe these guidelines will result in the disqualification of the ineligible player from further competition in the sport in which they are found ineligible. Any team which plays with an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which the ineligible person played.

Entry forms, once completed, constitute an agreement between the team and the Intramural Office.  Please honor the agreement. If a team is unable to make a match, a forfeit can be avoided by calling or emailing the Intramural Office 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time.   A fine ($20) will be assessed for each forfeit. If a forfeit occurs, the fee must be paid prior to the next scheduled game. If a forfeit occurs during tournament play the fee must be paid within one week of the forfeit.

Roster Addition
Teams can add players to the team roster up to the last game of the season.  Players must compete in a minimum of one intramural regular season game in order to participate in tournament play.

ID Policy 
All intramural participants are required to turn in their current Millsaps ID card prior to game time. IDs should be given to the official scorekeeper. Anyone who has not turned in their ID before game time will not be allowed to play under any circumstances.

Students, faculty and staff are reminded that their participation in the IM activities is completely voluntary. Millsaps College, the Athletic Department, nor its staff will assume any responsibility for injuries or personal property damages resulting from participation in IM activities.