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Please respond thoughtfully to the following questions in the space provided below:

1.) * Why do you want to be a part of Wellspring?

2.) * After reading about the ideal Wellspringer, which traits resonate most with you?

3.) * After reading about the ideal Wellspringer, where do you see the most potential for growth?

4.) If selected to join the program, you will be expected to adhere to these specific guidelines and requirements that may differ from other Millsaps students:

  • You will take the 1-credit-hour class Introduction to Community Engagement in addition to the rest of your course load (there is no overload fee for this course).
  • This course will consist of a weekly two-hour volunteer commitment, a bi-weekly discussion group, and bi-weekly reflection journals. Your volunteer placement will be determined by the 1 Campus 1 Community Fellows, based on your interests and class schedules, with your input.
  • You will live with other Wellspring students and Wellspring R.A.s, committing to staying in that residence hall for the duration of the academic year.
  • While switching rooms is always discouraged at Millsaps, Wellspring students who wish to change rooms must meet with the director of Wellspring and the 1 Campus 1 Community Fellows in addition to the regular steps of meeting with their R.A.s and the director of residence life.
  • You will attend monthly Wellspring community-building activities that range from movie parties and game nights to participating in a community construction project.

Do you have questions about these expectations?

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Questions? Email 1c1c@millsaps.edu. Applicants will be informed of selection decisions in mid-June. Applicants who wish to room with a particular person are invited to encourage this prospective roommate to apply for Wellspring. Please have both parties include the roommate request on this application. Applications should be submitted electronically by June 1.