Sudan: AWorld in Conflict




Student Essays from 2011

Since the beginnings of the Sudanese civil war in the early 1980s, more than two million people have been killed, hundreds of thousands in the region of Darfur in the last few years. What are the sources of this conflict? Are there global implications to be learned? Dr. Greg Miller's class explores Sudan's history and some of the religious, ethnic, linguistic, geographical, economic, and political components of this ongoing conflict.

In addition to historical studies, students view films and documentaries, and read autobiographies, a novel, a travel narrative, poetry, and essays, while examining current efforts to save threatened lives and build a peaceful society.

Students have the opportunity to work with local Sudanese refugees to document their lives and their connections with family and friends still in Sudan or refugee camps in surrounding African countries.

"Millsaps students have been working with the Sudanese community since their arrival as unaccompanied refugee minors in 2000," says Miller. "Members of the Millsaps Campus Ministry Team tutored students in the English House shortly after their arrival here, and I oversaw the tutoring.

"Many, though by no means all, of the tutors over the years have been English majors. One of the first was Kenny Townsend, who went on to become a Rhodes Scholar graduating with double degrees in divinity and law from Yale. Another was Sonya Brown, who is now an intern at UMC. Yet another, Jessica Knight, now works as liaison for the Congressional Black Caucus."