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Millsaps Fight Song

Millsaps Cheerleader, 1949The current Millsaps fight song first appeared on October 27, 1948, and was introduced during chapel. The song made its first public appearance on October 29 during a football game with the Mississippi College Choctaws. The song is as follows:

"Fight, fight, Purple and White!
Give us the victory.
Millsaps' fame her Majors have made.
Never let her glory fade!
Alma Mater to thee
Ever we'll loyal be.
Let song and cheer
Ring loud and clear
For Millsaps and victory!"

Graffiti from MC on James ObservatoryThe athletic rivalry between Millsaps and Mississippi College has endured through countless years, spawning such fierce competition and related pranks that the rivalry often had to be temporarily discontinued. In 1948, the photo at left appeared in the Bobashela, Millsaps' yearbook. Accompanying text states that the message appeared on the dome of the Millsaps Observatory on the occasion of the annual Major-Choctaw football clash. Perhaps particularly motivated by this message, the Majors trounced the Choctaws that year, 7-0. (Apparently, the message didn't have the effect the Choctaws had hoped. Possibly because they failed to spell the name of their arch-enemy correctly?)

The Millsaps and Mississippi College football teams faced off for the first time in more than 40 years in the fall of 2000. Millsaps won with a field goal with only 16 seconds left in the game.