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Sanderson Hall

Upperclassman Men and Women


Sanderson HallHistory - Built in 1986, Sanderson Hall is named in memory of Joe Frank Sanderson's wife, Ann. Currently, Sanderson houses both upperclassman men and women. Sanderson comprises more than 20,000 square feet of living space. 

The building is located on the north side of campus in the immediate vicinity of Olin Hall (Millsaps's science building), the Maurice H. Hall Activities Center (where the campus gym is located) the Campbell College Center, which houses the cafeteria and campus coffee shop.


Design - Sanderson Hall consists of two separate wings.  The north wing has four stories of halls, including a basement.  Each hall is suite-style with two rooms (four students) sharing a bathroom.  The south wing is two stories, with rooms similar to those in the north halls, with an added living room area. 

Sanderson rooms have a large lighted closet and other basic furniture, including a desk, chair, dresser, and bed for each occupant.  The rooms are spacious, making it easy to move in and rearrange furniture, and all rooms have internet hook-ups.

Features -

  • convenient parking in a lot directly adjacent to the residence halls
  • a study room containing comfy couches, chairs, and wall-to-wall windows
  • a well-equipped central laundry facility offers both beverage and snack machines  


Sanderson room floor plans

(North wing)


(South wing)