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Whitworth and Sanders Halls

Whitworth and Sanders Hall

Whitworth and Sanders Hall house administrative offices for college staff. Sanders Hall, was built in 1951. Funds of approximately $100,000 were donated to the College in 1945 as a Christmas gift for the construction of Sanders Hall, which was originally intended to be a building dedicated to the fine arts. However, in 1950, steeply increasing enrollment prompted the College Board to use this grant for a new women's dormitory. Sanders Hall remained a women's dormitory until November of 1993, when it was converted to administrative offices.

Whitworth Hall, was built in 1939 as a dormitory for 44 women students. Since 1980, the building has been the location of many of the College's administrative offices. Offices now located in Whitworth and Sanders Hall include, among others, Financial Aid, Alumni Relations, Communications and Marketing, Admissions, the President's Office, and International Admissions.

In addition to serving the College and assisting students with their needs, the administrative offices of the College also employ Millsaps students for internship positions, offering students a convenient place to obtain on-the-job experience.