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Film Studies


In the century since its invention, film (a handy term for moving pictures in whatever medium) has become not only an unexpected new art form but virtually a standard kind of experience for people who spend much of their time watching shows on screens . . . What kind of experience do we have by means of film?

- (from a recent Philosophy of Film syllabus)

The minor in FILM STUDIES draws together several dimensions of film studies to give the student an overview of the main cultural and practical issues in film art.

Five courses are required to complete the minor, all to be approved by the director of the concentration, including:

  • an introduction to film history and theory such as History of Film (ENGL 3540) or Philosophy of Film (PHIL 2300);
  • a more specialized study of particular film genres, directors, or issues, such as Film and Fiction (ENGL 3540) or Latin America on Film (HIST 3610); and
  • a course in screenwriting or production, such as Introduction to Filmmaking (ARTS 2750) or Special Projects in Writing (ENGL 3760).

Various Millsaps courses may be adapted to meet these requirements.  Each semester a list is compiled of courses that qualify as film-intensive (automatically counting toward Film Studies for anyone taking them) or film-friendly (able to count for any student who arranges with the professor to do appropriate work in the subject, such as a film-based major project).



Film Centered:

  • FILM 2750-01/COMM 2000 Intro to Communication Studies (Curtis Coats)
  • FILM 2750-01/COMM 2100 Media History (Curtis Coats)


  • ARTS 2260 Beginning Digital Arts (Brandon Barr)
  • ARTS 3360 Intermediate Digital Arts (Brandon Barr)
  • COMM 2200 Public Rhetoric (Curtis Coats)
  • IDST 1128 Heritage of the West in World Perspective (Bowley, Davis, Golden, MacMaster)
  • IDST 2500-01 Postermodernism: Media and Social Movements in the 20th Century (Stephanie Rolph)
  • IDST 2500-03 Guts, Ghosts, and Glory: The Writing of the Spanish Civil War (Emily Eaton)
  • PHIL 2210 Aesthetics (Ted Ammon)
  • SOAN 2750-01 The Many Dimensions of Poverty (Louwanda Evans)
  • SPAN 2100 Contemporary Hispanic Culture (Judith Caballero)


A range of film-related internships is available in the Jackson area, including with the Mississippi Film Office and the Crossroads Film Festival.

Here is a list of filmmaking equipment available from the Millsaps library for student coursework.


Questions about Film Studies? Email Dr. Steve Smith.