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Public Management


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More and more of the functions in modern society are performed by the government or not-for-profit enterprises. Management of such enterprises requires the skills to manage money and people and an understanding of government and public policy. The Public Management Major equips students with these tools. Public Management combines courses from the Political Science department and the Business School to prepare students for careers managing government agencies and public enterprises.

Students majoring in Public Management at Millsaps supplement courses from business and political science with courses from across the disciplines that focus on public policy. Taking advantage of our setting in the state's capital, they put these skills into practice.

Requirements for major: Students may complete a major in public management with a minimum of ten courses: six required and four elective, including one from the public policy courses and one from the institutions, organizations and skills set of courses. The elective courses are drawn from fields of study as diverse as philosophy, sociology/anthropology, and geology that focus on a particular area of public policy or skill that is useful to analysts, advocates, or public managers.

The public management major is offered with the B.A. or B.S. degree. No grade lower than a C will be accepted to fulfill a course requirement in the major.

Internships, directed readings, and fieldwork courses may be used to fulfill no more than two of the four departmental electives (no more than one from each category).


Policy debates are conducted in the language of mathematics and statistics. People expecting to influence policy will not be able to understand, much less contribute to, most policy debates without substantial comfort with quantitative reasoning. The following courses are either required or highly recommended:

  • MATH 1150 Elementary Statistics is required.
  • MATH 1210 Survey of Calculus or MATH 1220 Calculus I is highly recommended.

Internships and Mentoring

All public management majors are required to participate in the internship and mentoring program before graduation. Students spend a semester working with a leader in the field he or she intends to work in after graduation.

Departmental Electives

Required Courses

  • PLSC 1000 Introduction to American Government
  • ECON 2000 Principles of Economics
  • PLSC 2010 American Public Policy
  • PLSC 2550 Research Methods
  • MGMT 3000 Introduction to Management
  • PLSC 3250 Public Administration
  • PLSC 4910 Senior Seminar in Public Management

Policy Courses

  • PLSC 2200 Economic Policy Issues (same as ECON 2200)
  • PLSC 2150 Urban/Metropolitan Politics
  • PLSC 3750 Civil Rights
  • PLSC 4330 Developing Nations
  • PLSC 4750 Special Topics in Political Science (1, 2, or 4 sem. hours).
  • ECON 3040 International Economics
  • ECON 3050 Health Economics
  • ECON 3120 Labor Economics
  • PHIL 2120 Ethics: Theories and Applications
  • PHIL 2130 Biomedical Ethics
  • GEOL 1100 Environmental Issues of the 21st Century
  • HIST 3160 History of Medicine and Health in the US
  • HIST 3310 Britain and the World
  • HIST 3710 Environment, Technology, and Power
  • SOAN 3210 Urban Life
  • PYSC 3030 Forensic Psychology

Political Institutions, Organizations and Skills

  • PLSC 2100 The U. S. Congress
  • PLSC 3120 The U.S. Presidency
  • PLSC 2130 The U.S. Judiciary
  • PLSC 3140 Constitutional Law
  • PLSC 3200 Political Parties and Interest Groups
  • PLSC 3240 The Psychology of Political Decision Making
  • COMM 2000 Introduction to Communications
  • PLSC 3410 - 3412 International Organizations/Model United Nations Management
  • PHIL 2900 Logic
  • ADMN 4000 The Legal Environment of Business
  • MGMT 3040 Organizational Behavior
  • ECON 3070 Industrial Organization

Other courses can be counted toward the major with prior approval of the program director. A course must have a policy focus or be directly related to a skill needed by public managers or policy advocates.


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