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Core 10: Reflections on the Liberal Arts


The purpose of Core 10, "Reflections on the Liberal Arts," is to integrate the major with the multidisciplinary core and to help prepare you for life after graduation. For this reason it is reserved for the senior year. Most students will meet this "capstone" requirement with the senior seminar in their major. In this course you will write a reflective paper intended to draw upon your critical thinking skills and help you integrate your liberal arts experience. You will consider how your Millsaps experience has contributed to your growth and development as an educated person and how it has prepared you for the responsibilities of community and professional life. On completing this course, you will have finished the Millsaps core curriculum. You should be better prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world, where the primary measure of success will be your ability to think creatively and act responsibly.

You should expect to complete Core 2-9 by the end of your sophomore year, when you will be required to declare a major. By selecting a major at this time, you will be able to plan your last two years to take advantage of the courses available in your major. You may continue to take courses outside of your major during the junior and senior year, possibly pursuing a second major or a minor, but the primary objective at this stage of your education is to achieve depth of understanding in a particular field of study.

The course that a student can take to meet the Core 10 requirement is Senior Seminar, coded with a departmental prefix.