Education Requirements

Minor in Education Studies Not Leading to Licensure

A non-licensure minor in Education Studies is available and includes the three professional education sequence courses listed below and two other education courses approved by the chair. For a minor in education without eligibility for licensure, students complete the following:

Three Professional Education Sequence Courses:

  • EDUC 1000: Human Development in Cross Cultural Perspective
  • EDUC 3000: Effective Pedagogy and Classroom Management (K-12)
  • EDUC 3100: Education of the Exceptional Population

Two additional courses approved by the department chair (may include a discipline-specific course relating to education such as Ford Fellows, Honors, etc. with justification).

  • EDUC xxxx
  • EDUC xxxx

*Independent and private schools generally do not require licensure through the Mississippi State Department of Education (MDE) for teaching positions; however independent school administrators have become increasingly interested in teacher candidates who are fully prepared and licensed within a liberal arts curriculum. These are two courses they may be most interested to see have been completed.

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