Ad Excellentiam and beyond.

Greek and Roman studies is the interdisciplinary study of ancient Greece and Rome. We offer courses on mythology, warfare, gender, politics, history, art, and philosophy in the Greco-Roman world. But our focus falls on the languages themselves, ancient Greek and Latin. In small class settings, our students read some of the greatest works of world literature, from Homer to Virgil and the New Testament, all in the comfortable and collegial setting of our departmental home in John Stone Hall.

Greek and Roman studies is a true liberals arts major . . . and one of the oldest! We teach you to read closely, think critically, and argue persuasively. Some of our majors go on to top-flight graduate programs in Greek and Roman studies (like Cornell, UMass Amherst, and the University of Wisconsin) or teach Latin in middle school and high school (often with an education minor). But, most take the skills they learned in Greek and Roman studies and pursue careers in medicine, public policy, law, social work, and business.


David Carl Yates

Associate Professor of Classical Studies

Jennifer Lewton-Yates

Assistant Dean for Student Success; Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

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