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Student Comments on Heritage

Sophia Halkias, Heritage class of 2005-2006:

"Coming up through the centuries, Heritage encourages students through its interdisciplinary nature to see trends across the many factors that shape and explain a particular civilization or historical period . . . Whereas the media offers such a limited view of the world, Heritage provides a fuller sense of society as a dynamic entity shaped by the arts, ideas, and government. Even as I go on to study in a more narrow academic discipline, I now feel as though I have a framework to understand all that I read and learn in the future. Heritage has given me the tools to think critically about my own generation, understand how I fit into the current order, and how I can best create a role for myself in which I am actively a part of my own time and place."

Meagan Malone, Heritage class of 2005-2006:

"The Heritage experience allows for a crucial exploration of some big questions. For me, it was something of a rite of passage into my next three years of study at Millsaps, the primer on the canvas of my education . . . Each lecture prompted a kind of self-evaluation that, by the end of the year, left me willing and anxious to know more."

Cari Taylor, Heritage class of 2003-2004:

"Heritage was the most totally awesome experience I've ever had because the curriculum touches on every aspect of human civilization. We literally went from the beginning of mankind to the world we live in today. Also, the faculty who are involved in the Heritage program are among the most well respected and completely awesome professors on campus and the most awesome professors EVER! Anyone who didn't or doesn't take Heritage has and will miss out on one of the most life changing experiences one can have at Millsaps. I love Heritage! : ) "

Ashley Johnston, Heritage class of 2003-2004:

"You can quote me saying, 'Now that I have regressed to a Community College, I MISS HERITAGE more than anything!!!' . . . and I cannot wait to be back at Millsaps!"

Cat Edwards, Heritage class of 2003-2004:

"Heritage is all about the study groups and making good connections. It's a survey of history and really cool professors on campus! For visual and audio learners, this course is ideal. It was always interesting to hear what was playing as we came in to the room and find out what the speaker was wearing."

Lindsey Topp, Heritage class of 2001-2002:

My whole sophomore year I kept missing Heritage and I wanted to major in Heritage. I got a lot better understanding of the connections in history and I got to go to Sandy Zale's house!"


The Heritage trip to New Orleans to see Madame Butterfly 4-20-06